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Our media, museum and arts offering is centered around stock management, managing fixed and physical assets for any museum, media or arts organisation.

Asset tracking through the use of advanced barcode tracking is at the platform’s core, ensuring asset movements, where assets are stored and located are always recorded. Whether your item is being moved from one location, or to multiple, Pro-Cloud will keep track of it all, providing a full audit trail of each asset and groups of assets.

Asset catalogue databases are stored within Pro-Cloud and accessed by staff, enabling an easy asset search, information updates and an order facility. Every organisation is different which is why we will work with you to set up your specific cataloguing requirements, providing features and functionality to enable precise storage location management, auditing and reporting.

From working closely with media organisations such as the BBC we have realised the importance of providing secure API’s to facilitate accurate online asset searching. Pro-Cloud can be integrated with a variety of external sources, enabling data to be exchanged between systems effectively. Our on-boarding team will work with you to ensure processes are understood and you achieve what was envisaged from the beginning.

Offering complete flexibility, Pro-Cloud can be configured to your organisation, offering unlimited license numbers for a fixed annual fee.

Key Modules:

Asset & Inventory Management

Client Relationship Management

Mobile Workforce

Management Reporting

The BBC’s Archive Department have been using the Pro-Cloud solution since 2018. Read their case study to find out more.

Tailored to your asset management

“The BBC Archives procured the Pro-Cloud Product from CSS in 2017. We have worked together to tailor the Pro-Cloud Stock management Product to meet the BBC Archives specific requirements. CSS (Europe) provided features and functionality to enable precise storage management, auditing, and reporting of the BBC’s 7 million media assets.

The CSS team took the time to understand our business needs, including all the intricacies of such a historic Archive, and how we would like to use this system to deliver tour business processes; once launched, CSS (Europe) worked with the Archives team to migrate our data from our existing stock management product ensuring accuracy and rationalisation throughout the process.”

BBC Archive Team

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