Work from Anywhere by Using Pro-Cloud on Mobile

Our secure Pro-Cloud Mobile Workforce module brings real-time visibility of your entire workforce and job schedules.

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On-the-go with our Asset Management Software Mobile Application

Through the use of Pro-Cloud’s mobile app, personnel will be able to notify others of important information within moments, resulting in an anytime, anywhere working solution that can be used throughout your business operations.

Automate job schedules and allocate staff workflows, make adjustments when necessary through real-time analysis, and be left assured that your people will always receive updates whether on or offline. A multitude of mobile devices or handheld scanners can be used with the mobile app to provide the ultimate in efficiencies for all organisations.

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Centralise Fundamental Asset Data

Mobile workforce is a vital component of the asset management lifecycle. It allows personnel to assign, complete, and record data, getting alerted immediately if an asset service, task, or test has failed. Recorded data can include pre-made questionnaires, photo evidence and signature capture.

All assets have unique barcode numbers that can either be scanned or manually entered, making sure they are accounted for and all associated task and test results are centralised at all times. Centralised information allows management to fully analyse failure trends and make better procurement decisions based on these results.

Advanced Barcode Tracking Technology

All asset barcode tags will have a built-in asset ID number, meaning you can track and trace products throughout their complete life cycle.

We deal with a range of barcoding technology including GS1, QR codes, RFID and NFC, bringing a more efficient, flexible way of working.

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Key Features

Paperless manifesting of activities whether a technician is in the field or back at base

Continuous updates and completion of activity notifications with reason codes attached

Automatic updates to client’s sales invoicing

Asset tracking and maintenance

Defined test and asset maintenance schedules with recurring time frames

Technician de-brief

And that's not all... benefit from

Real-time visibility of out in the field activities

Immediate tracking and data capture of activities

Increased workforce efficiencies

On-time, every time deliveries & collections

Increased customer satisfaction

Speedy activity assigning

Automated updates of completed jobs

Improved job satisfaction for your workforce

Reduced paper outlay