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    Healthcare equipment management through the use of barcode technology

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    The top five benefits: Automate Everything – to provide the level of care your service requires equipment records need to be updated within moments. Barcoding technology provides you with the tools to automate everything in real-time, meaning you can allocate equipment to patients with confidence. Reduce Human Error – using…

    Free equipment management software – is it worth it?

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    Worth the Headache? We all love free stuff, there’s no denying it. Whatever is on offer we’ll step right up and join the queue to get our hands on it whether we need it or not. It’s free and we don’t have to pay for it. Things get even better…

    Zebra PartnerConnect Success!

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    Our Zebra status has been advanced once again! We have successfully become a ‘Solutions Partner’ for Zebra Technologies, which means Zebra recognises our expertise in technology and our software, Pro-Cloud as a proven solution that can meet their customers’ requirements. We are proud to have built such an established relationship…

    Know Your Asset Management Solution!

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    You’ve been entrusted to source a new cost-saving asset management system for your company and you’ve narrowed down your choices to three top contenders. How do you choose the winner? While your extensive internet research has given you great insight into modules available and specific options that may suit your…