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How Pro-Cloud Can Help Digitally Transform Collections Management

museum archivesArchives and collections need to be maintained and monitored in accordance with strict legal and internal policies to ensure sensitive assets of historical and cultural significance can be preserved for years to come. With collections growing and diversifying exponentially, our years of experience working alongside museums, the media, and the arts put us in the prime position to offer a modern solution capable of scaling with growth while still providing effective and powerful asset management tools.

Museums, collections services, and all other branches of the Archives Sector are pushing to modernise and move away from paper-based solutions or legacy solutions. That’s where Pro-Cloud thrives.

Pro-Cloud is our cloud-based asset management solution for collections and display which provides a centralised and comprehensive view of every asset through every step of its lifecycle. With a wide range of clients across a variety of sectors, we come with a wealth of experience when it comes to implementing digital solutions.

Our blog today is going to focus on some of the hurdles being faced by museums, collections services, and the archive sector and how implementing the Pro-Cloud solution can eliminate issues.

Diversity and Complexity of Archives and Collections

The Problem:

The number of archivable materials in a collection grows every single day and with such a diverse range of material of varying sensitivity in your possession, it’s important to label and track them safely and effectively. Thankfully, Pro-Cloud can provide you with a range of flexible hybrid labelling solutions fit for anything in your possession. Whether it’s RFID for more valuable collections, or temperature-resistant labels for sensitive items, we can provide you with the ideal labels for your archiving needs.

Pro-Cloud’s Solution:

We’re aware that collections can hold a variety of fragile assets and our experience has provided us with the skills to help clients overcome any issues with labelling troublesome or delicate assets.

For example, let’s say you have a delicate item like a page of a manuscript and you need to label and track its location. There are several solutions for this issue. For example, you can place the item in a safe labelled container, or you could affix the label to a material that would not damage the item such as cotton tape and then attach this safely and securely to the asset.

Alongside our labelling solutions, we can provide our clients with robust cutting-edge hardware courtesy of our partner Zebra Technologies. Their range of hardware options are built to withstand extreme temperatures and considerable drop distances, ensuring your equipment never lets you down. Your hardware package can range from mobile scanners to tablets and printers, ensuring you and your team have the right equipment to track, trace, and monitor all your archived items throughout every step of their lifecycle.

Learn more about our hardware packages and Zebra OneCare plans.


Data Management and Protection

art gallery asset managementThe Problem:

Something encountered more frequently by local museums is the responsibility of care and maintenance over data sourced from local authorities and councils such as local records, ordinance surveys, and more. With such sensitive information being managed in your archives, it’s important to guarantee that any record of this information is kept safe.


With governing procedures such as GDPR and the Archive Service Accreditation, following these regulations is critical. By relying on paper-based-or legacy software systems, the room for error will continue to grow.


Pro-Cloud’s Solution:

Pro-Cloud eliminates this problem by centralising data into one core system. Additionally, with our 256-bit encryption and fully-redundant server architecture provided by RackSpace, you can rest assured that any sensitive information necessary for your catalogue will be kept safe from prying eyes.

Pro-Cloud centralises all of your assets and any attached information into one comprehensive catalogue that can be broken down into locations and sub-locations so your hierarchical command of your inventory can be as detailed as you want. This will not only digitally transform your management processes and help you modernise your operation, but it will also allow you to configure and scale this solution to fit your internal policies.



With all of this in mind, it’s clear that Pro-Cloud is the premier asset management solution for museums, the media, and the arts. Whatever your needs are, Pro-Cloud can and will deliver.

Learn more about how Pro-Cloud has benefited our range of clients here

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