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Scan multiple RFID tags in seconds without direct line of sight

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Transform your everyday inventory checking processes with our RFID solution and read multiple RFID tags simultaneously, increasing efficiencies and saving time when compared to traditional methods.

RFID inventory checking can be used in any central hub, whether that is a warehouse setting or storage unit. It can be used to check a stocked vehicle and is ideal for completing inventory audits.

RFID technology can be used as a fixed or hand-held solution.

By using a hand-held RFID reader, a single scan can detect the presence of multiple RFID tags; making equipment checks quicker and simpler for end-users such as the ambulance crew or police force. This eliminates problems such as leaving expensive equipment behind at the scene of an incident, taking items that belong to another department or losing traceability of pertinent inventory items for crime scene evidence.

rfd40 front view with screen (2)

Recommended RFID Sled – RFD40 UHF

This capable RFID powerhouse is ready to tackle all your RFID and data capture needs long into the future. Decrease time spent on inventory checking with an industry-best 1300+ tag reads per second, optimised read range, and increased battery capacity. This state-of-the-art RAIN RFID sled has a new tri-function programmable trigger and can connect to all Zebra mobile computers, transforming them into one of the most advanced RFID readers on the market.

Core benefits include:

Improved data accuracy and availability

Real-time data capture

Improved asset control

Rapid tag read time without direct line of sight