asset packing


Streamline asset packing and ensure the correct items,
consumables and medicines are always accounted for

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Become paperless and ensure your critical emergency bags are packed securely and correctly every time!

This Pro-Cloud feature is part of the inventory checking process and is the quickest way to move assets into a bag and to the make ready ambulance area ready for use. It is the quickest and most efficient way to track equipment items, consumables, and medicines that are contained in a critical ambulance bag.

back of ambulance car
packing ambulance screen

Simply scan a bag that you want to pack and the Pro-Cloud app will complete an inventory check for you. If the bag contains items from the required inventory list, they will be listed and selected to stay contained within the package. Assets that need to be added to the bag for completion will then be picked and scanned from their specific locations and packed into the bag. This adjustment is then automatically updated on the system and quantities are reduced.

Asset quantities can be set to minimum and maximum quantities and overpacking can occur if you require spares. Once this component of the make ready process is completed, ‘finish’ is selected on the mobile app and a picture can be taken of the package with a signature from the person that has packed the bag. The Pro-Cloud Package Dashboard provides updates of bag packing at all times and lists who is performing/has performed packing activities, dates, times and what items have been packed.

To ensure asset items are kept at quantities set by an ambulance service our auto-transfer feature will automatically replenish stock when quantities reach a certain threshold. Click here to read more about the auto-transfer feature.

Core benefits include:

Accurate asset bag packing, always

Easily accessible digital packing lists

Quicker and more efficient make ready packing process

Reduced human error

Continual asset packing updates in real-time

Historic activity reporting if required