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TCES Community is an end-to-end community equipment IT software solution that offers an intuitive community equipment back-end asset management tracking system, making sure equipment is always sourced, maintained, and located within the community correctly.

The proven solution incorporates asset management from order to delivery. It manages equipment catalogues and enables all equipment orders to be tracked and traced via barcoding technology, updating the status of an equipment order in real-time.

Our community equipment solution keeps historic records of it all; when equipment is allocated to a user’s address, back in the warehouse, in cleaning or out for repair.


Key Features Include:

Asset and Activity Management

Mobile Working

Stock Control

Equipment Catalogue Management

Inspire Community Trust is just one of many that have procured TCES Community and implemented the solution throughout their service with great success.

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Tailored to your healthcare needs

“The Derbyshire contract has used the clinical assessment tool to monitor and shape decision making regards pressure care mattresses. The CSS lead for this project has been instrumental in developing this tool through partnership working with the commissioning team and their equipment lead practitioners.

The CSS lead has clinical experience and this has been a great asset in forging a shared understanding of how the project is progressing. We have noted quick turnaround on amendments to the questionnaire, good levels of support on implementation and advice freely shared on lessons learned by other similar projects.”

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Derbyshire County Council (Integrated Community Equipment Stores: ICES)

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