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BBC Archives

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The BBC Partners with CSS to deliver an asset management solution to meet the organisations specific cataloguing requirements, providing features and functionality to enable precise storage location management, auditing, and reporting of the BBC’s 7 million media assets.

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St John Ambulance

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St John Ambulance identified the need to partner with an organisation that offered an effective asset management software solution in accordance with the MHRA, managing medical device guidance for healthcare and social service organisations.

They required an asset management solution that would keep a record of their entire inventory and a full history of each asset, including the date of purchase, the last known scanned location and where the asset had been deployed throughout its lifecycle. It was also important to them that their new supplier had a way of scheduling and recording asset maintenance and repair procedures.

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North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

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North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service transforms the way their critical everyday assets are managed and maintained through the use of the Pro-Cloud BlueLight platform and its advanced barcoding procedures.

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Calderdale Community Equipment Loan Store

calderdale council case study thumbnail

The Calderdale Community Equipment Loan Store is a partnership between Calderdale Council and the NHS in the Calderdale borough. The service is available to provide the community with a wide range of equipment to help people live more independently in their homes.

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RFID to the Rescue

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CSS Europe Limited and their Pro-Cloud BlueLight solution partners with Zebra Technologies, providing the best in class asset tracking software and the RFID to match for the blue light sector.

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The power of a combined CSS software and Zebra hardware offering

Zebra Case Study Thumbnail

CSS partners with Zebra Technologies to provide the best in class combined software and hardware offering that tackles challenges faced by public sector healthcare organisations.

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Voice Over IP Technology

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Community-based company embrace new flexible cloud-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solution to keep employees supporting the local community from anywhere in the country.

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Cornwall Council

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Cornwall County Council’s previous asset management system had come to end of contract life, they felt that the current platform provider did not offer the granularity, functionality and reliability Cornwall now requires to track and manage assets. Following an OJEU tender process CSS and their Pro-Cloud solution were awarded as the preferred supplier.

To read more about Cornwall County Council’s transition process to the Pro-Cloud asset management solution click here.