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Mobile auto service

Make the organisation of your field service management a priority and increase efficiencies throughout your operations

Pro-Cloud is a comprehensive management solution that will record every component of your field service requirements. It will manage your employees’ job schedules, the equipment required to complete their jobs and will report on activity outcomes, enabling quicker decisions to be made resulting in happier customers.

Job Scheduling

Monitor, assign and allocate jobs to your staff within moments

By using the Pro-Cloud mobile application your teams will receive updates to their mobile devices instantaneously, ensuring they are ready for the day ahead. Your field service tasks will be completed on time, every time with every stage of the process being recorded, providing improved visibility and resolution outcomes.

Workshop Management

Ensure workshop jobs are always managed and controlled

Workshop monitoring is where key activities take place, enabling close management and control of equipment repairs, refurbishments and modifications.

When out in the field you will be able to record job outcomes and associated assets needing workshop attention. Once an asset is scanned the item is displayed in the workshop module as a new arrival, which is then assigned to an agent for the chosen workshop activity to be completed.

All costs and parts associated with workshop activities are fully traceable against an asset record, allowing management to report on repair, refurbishment or modification costs and spot failure trends.

Key Modules:

Asset Management

Mobile Workforce

Tasks and Servicing

Business Intelligence Reporting

Workshop Monitoring

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Tailored to your asset management needs

“The BBC Archives procured the Pro-Cloud Product from CSS in 2017. We have worked together to tailor the Pro-Cloud Stock management Product to meet the BBC Archives specific requirements. CSS (Europe) provided features and functionality to enable precise storage management, auditing, and reporting of the BBC’s 7 million media assets.

The CSS team took the time to understand our business needs, including all the intricacies of such a historic Archive, and how we would like to use this system to deliver tour business processes; once launched, CSS (Europe) worked with the Archives team to migrate our data from our existing stock management product ensuring accuracy and rationalisation throughout the process.”

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BBC Archive Team

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