supplier management


Manage activities fulfilled by your supply
chain with supplier management integration
along with a downloadable app.

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Be in Control of your Supply Chain

When requesting a quotation from a supplier you can set a deadline for when it needs to be completed by. Once suppliers have provided a response and the quote is under review, the supplier management system will provide a comparison and advise you of the best price.

An informed decision can then be made in regards to which supplier the order should be placed with.

supplier management laptop screenshot
supplier management desktop computer screenshot

Your Suppliers Managed all in one Place

For your suppliers to use the system they must purchase an individual Pro-Cloud licence. They will get full access to the supplier management module and its dedicated app, enabling technicians to mark jobs as complete on-the-go. Delivery, collection, and repair processes can also be fully documented online.

Core benefits include:

GDPR Compliant

Real-time visibility of the complete supply chain process

Supplier comparisons

Closed loop auto-invoicing

A full activity audit trail