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Gain control of your buying procedures and
automate the receipt of goods received process.

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Purchasing Made Simple

Reduce mistakes made and simplify how your purchasing processes are managed. Use this module alongside our sales order processing module and create purchase orders with ease, automate them when required, and send them directly to your suppliers, ensuring you always have a record of what’s being purchased. The entire process is managed from order approval to invoice creation, enabling you to keep track of current orders in real-time, which is key to customising workflows and increasing cost efficiencies.

Paper wastage and duplicate data entries will be eliminated, with information from other Pro-Cloud modules being filtered into the procurement module, increasing efficiencies for your organisation.

purchase order processing laptop screenshot
purchase order processing desktop computer screenshot

Generate Purchase Orders Online

Become paperless by entering all purchasing information online. Bring together your suppliers and the purchases you make by centralising all purchasing information in one location. View, manage, and cancel any purchase order that has been created, providing you with full visibility of purchases made.

Track and Trace your Purchases

From start to finish you can track all purchasing activities. View when an order is accepted, an invoice is raised, and the goods are received. Once received, the purchase order will change from pending to a completed status.

This module seamlessly integrates with ERP systems, using our Application Programming Interfaces (API) resulting in real-time data synchronisation.

Core benefits include:

Streamlined procurement processes resulting in real-time harmonisation with other areas of your business

Automated purchase planning based on stock levels

Click-of-a-button supplier records

Full visibility of purchases made

Correlation between stock going out and coming in – resulting in better purchasing decisions, reducing stock wastage