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Never miss important task and test notifications
and ensure your assets are used to their optimum.

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Asset Tracking

Fault Reporting

Recall Management

Make Ready Process

Field Service Notifications

Asset Movement Rules

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This paperless module manages stock control, asset traceability, asset lifecycles and much more. We aim to support ambulance services to digitally transform their processes, giving full visibility and control of stock and assets across multiple locations and functions, aiding services to reach and exceed the objectives outlined in their Ambulance Operation Modernisation Programmes.

This is where inventories are checked, and the Make Ready process will take place to ensure all assets are picked and packed ready for the day ahead. Guaranteeing medicines are accurately picked and packed is paramount, which is why our asset package feature allows for the creation of a medical bag which can be tracked as an individual entity including what’s held in the package.

Through the use of key ambulance field service notifications such as recalls or safety notifications this module also helps keep your crew and the community safe.

And that's not all... benefit from

Complete visibility of your entire inventory

Ensure the correct stock is selected with a thorough make ready process, resulting in emergency response confidence every time

Thorough tracking and tracing of equipment 24/7

Eliminate the loss of equipment and save money that can be used in other areas of your service

Avoid expensive equipment replacements and quicker response times