The Expedition

In 2023 an international team of adventurers and ocean rowers will attempt to row the Northwest Passage, the arctic route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans considered the #LastGreatFirst.

Hoping to navigate a part of the world that has, for so many years, been unforgiving and bordering on inaccessible, this team strives to make history.

This expedition is only possible because the region’s climate is changing, and the sea ice is retreating each year gradually opening the route from July to September. It is through this expedition, we can truly begin to understand our impact on the environment and the steps we must take to preserve it.

Last Great First

Meet the Crew

Leven Brown – Expedition Leader

Leven Brown is the leader of this extraordinary expedition and his experience with grueling rowing experiences is second to none.

Being one of the most experienced and highly regarded ocean rowing skippers in the world and a multiple Guiness World Record holder, it’s safe to say the rest of the team is in safe hands.


Phillip Als

With a rich background as a former Olympic windsurfer representing Barbados and a windsurfing coach, Phillip brings extensive experience to the team. He also embarked on his own remarkable 3,000-mile cross-Atlantic journey in 2003.

Phillip Als

Davie Flett

A native Orcadian, Davie has undertaken several rowing challenges over the years including a 200-mile Ness Yoal (accomplished in 45 hours). Since then, he’s founded the Orkney Rowing Club and has even been featured on the BBC.

Davie Flett

Daniel Kritzinger 

Hailing from South Africa, Daniel is a GP by trade. Over the last 20 years he’s spent his free time pursuing sports and athletics. He hopes for this expedition to be a great learning experience.

Daniel Kritzinger

Mike Harding

A former Royal Marine, Mike has a deep love for travel and exploration. At one point he undertook an impressive 3,500-mile journey across West Africa. Inspired by his ancestor, the explorer Sir John Franklin, Mike aims to pay tribute by completing this challenging expedition.

Mike Harding

Robert Strachan

Robert Strachan, from Aberdeen, runs his own company, Strachan Health Fitness Nutrition. Robert plans to conduct research on confined spaces, group dynamics, and the effects of sleep deprivation. He’s also looking forward to showcasing photography of local wildlife in an exhibition back home.

Robert Strachan

Tuppence Mellish

Another native Scot, Tuppence works as a mixed animal Veterinarian in Ontario. Having a keen interest in Arctic climates since spending time in Norway with the British Exploring Society, Tuppence is excited to undertake this expedition.

Tuppence Mellish

Levar Nysted

With 8 ocean-rowing expeditions under his belt, Livar is no stranger to daring challenges on the open waters. Now, Livar joins this incredible expedition, being able to experience a journey undertaken by trailblazers like Shackleton and Amundsen before him. 

Livar Nysted
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We’ve been receiving daily updates from Leven about the journey and how the crew is getting on. It’s exciting to hear about all the developments in this journey as they unfold and we thought we’d share this excitement with you so you can stay updated as well. Every day of this journey brings the crew closer and closer to navigating the #LastGreatFirst that is the North West Passage.

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Recent News

NWP Expedition Update 4

Update 4
Date: 19/Jul/2023 Location: Arctic Circle Description: The crew have left Greenland now under their own steam and have reached the Arctic circle The boat is currently being motored to the start line at Pond Inlet Canada.…

NWP Expedition Update 3

greenland banner
Date: 10/Jul/2023 Location: Greenland Description: The team has arrived at Greenland for the next point of their delivery stage They’ve been kept warm thanks to their clothing from dryrobe (and some of their NWP gin).