North West Passage Expedition Sponsor

north west passage expedition sponsor

CSS is excited to announce its sponsorship of the North West Passage Expedition!

north west passage logoA project long in the making… this journey, led by accomplished record-holder Leven Brown, aims to raise awareness of humans’ impact on the environment. The route this team is undertaking is only traversable because of drastic changes in our climate – making it the “last great first”.

This incredible journey is split into key stages

Stage One – Delivery

The journey starts in Scotland as the team sets out on their initial Delivery Expedition, ensuring they reach the passage in time to undertake this incredible task/mission. This delivery route will see them travel 4,500 miles from Scotland to Canada along the Orkneys, Shetland, the Faroes, Iceland, and Greenland.

Stage Two – Expedition

From there, the team aims to pass through the North West Passage in two months all while highlighting many aspects of environmental concern as well as conducting research for New York University. This will take them from Pond Inlet, through the tough straits of the arctic archipelago, with the expedition concluding at Point Barrow.

We’re honoured to support this extraordinary expedition highlighting the boundless strength and determination of the human spirit.

You can follow the team along their historic journey by following our Twitter page for regular weekly updates – just search the hashtag #LastGreatFirst and we’ll see you there!

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