Asset Management Explained

asset management explained

What is Asset Management?

Asset Management Explained

Anything can be an asset.

Pro-Cloud manages physical assets from end-to-end across multiple locations for a wide range of sectors and industries and organisation of varying sizes.

Today we’re going to explore some basic terms relating to asset management, how asset management works under Pro-Cloud, and we’ll touch on why asset management is important.


Asset Management Glossary

Key Terms to Know


  • Asset

Anything can be an asset. Whether it’s something that’s fixed or something that moves from place to place (this would be a “tracked asset”). Essentially, if something is valuable, requires regular checks or servicing, or would be a significant loss, it’s an asset.

  • Batch Item/Consumable

This is something that would take too long to count or tag individually, like bandages or pencils. These items are normally bulk tracked in one container and individual items inside are “consumables” or “batch items”.

  • SKU

This stands for Stock Keeping Unit. This is a unique code that is used to identify products. Think of it like a fingerprint for products. Every item, even if it’s just a different size or colour of the same thing, has its own unique SKU.

  • RFID

This stands for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID is a market-leading technology in the realm of asset management since it offers speed and efficiency above all else, making it a robust tagging solution for any organisation and sector.

Learn more about RFID.

  • GS1

The most common asset tag imaginable – a barcode. Being in use for around 50 years, GS1 barcodes are a tried and tested tagging solution and it’s used across retail, warehouses, emergency services equipment, and more.

  • QR Codes

This stands for Quick Response. QR codes are everywhere: retail, billboards, websites, you name it. When it comes to Pro-Cloud, we typically use them for location (or “status”) labels to ensure everyone can scan them as quickly as possible.


Asset Management with Pro-Cloud

Our asset management software solution Pro-Cloud ensures you know where everything is, when it’s been moved, who’s moved it, and anything else you might want to know.


Pro-Cloud also comes with a wide range of “bolt-on” modules that offer different features and come with their own unique benefits for end-users and managerial staff alike.

Take a look and learn more about what Pro-Cloud has to offer.

Find out more about the Benefits of Pro-Cloud.

Who Would Use an Asset Management Solution?

Since anything can be an asset, every organisation, big or small, can utilise an asset management solution. Whether it’s warehouses, emergency services, healthcare organisations, public safety groups, museums, media companies or anything else.

Regardless of industry or sector – asset management is crucial to ensure sustained modernisation, streamlined processes, and maximum efficiency.

Like we said before, Pro-Cloud deals with tangible assets and ensures they can be tracked, traced, monitored, repaired, maintained, and managed across multiple locations.

Additionally, we provide our clients with cutting-edge hardware through our partnership with Zebra Technologies. If you’ve ever worked in retail or a warehouse environment then it’s likely you’ve used a Zebra device to carry out day-to-day tasks and activities. They maximise their efficiencies and digitally transform their processes.

If you want to learn more about how you can use Pro-Cloud software with Zebra hardware, check out these resources:


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