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Now that you’ve signed off on your new asset management software solution, Pro-Cloud, it will have become apparent that a hardware package to suit your requirements will be a necessity to maximize the use of the system.  With CSS being a proud partner of Zebra Technologies, we’re able to provide the most efficient, cutting-edge hardware on the market and integrate it seamlessly into your asset management software solution.

With all the tech on offer, it can be hard to determine what’s best suited for your needs. This is why we’re going to run through how you can consolidate your asset management software solution with suitable and reliable hardware equipment that ensures you are achieving the most accurate asset tracking capabilities possible.

Recent years have seen the rise of mobile working alongside the need for a quick, hassle-free method of carrying out essential tasks without encroaching on health and safety or workplace efficiency.

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Zebra mobile computers, such as the TC26, don’t only provide a streamlined way of working but they also ensure scanned assets are tracked and traced without fail. The Zebra mobile computer solutions we offer are cost-effective, durable, and versatile. Whether you’re in a busy warehouse depot, where casual wear and tear is unavoidable, or you’re out in the field, you can rest easy in the knowledge that any Zebra mobile computer purchased will stand up to the challenges of your environment and the demands of your organization.

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Now, more than ever, staff need to be involved with every step of a process to ensure maximum quality and efficiency of inventory checks are always obtained. There’s also no need to worry about the accessibility of your mobile computers because they can be configured to suit your specific needs with the option of Wi-Fi or SIM connectivity – meaning your asset tracking requirements are never compromised.

To find out even more about this piece of tech and how it can benefit your organisation, click here. TC26 Mobile Computer

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Considering automation and work speed are at the forefront of Pro-Cloud’s capabilities, you’ll need a solution that can keep up with the demands of your organisation. Therefore, you need look no further than the RFD40 Sled – an RFID-enabled bolt-on for your mobile computers. This piece of kit boosts your device’s capabilities by reading up to 1,300 RFID tags per minute. A once laborious process of asset entry and management is now expedited tenfold, with the RFD40 Sled working up to 30% faster than similar devices on the market while also offering universal compatibility with all Zebra mobile computers.

To find out even more about this piece of tech and how it can benefit your organisation, click here. RFD40 RFID Sled.

Just like the mobile computers we have on offer, we also offer printing solutions that are affordable, reliable, and long-lasting. Our most robust model, the ZT411, is equipped with versatile connectivity options, an easy-to-use colour screen interface, and RFID capability. This means that you can create new RFID tags for your assets and integrate them flawlessly into your bespoke asset management solution at the touch of a button. Building on this, all of Zebra’s printers offer Printer Integration, a link-OS software tool which enables the printers to be incorporated into any existing software system (such as Pro-Cloud).

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Looking for something more mobile? Check out our portable receipt printer: the ZD621.

On top of all the core hardware packages we offer; we can also provide your organisation with a selection of accessories. These attachments include screen protectors to reduce risk of damage and glare, slot cradles to enable faster synchronised charging for multiple devices, as well as a number of adjustable grips, straps, and handles to guarantee comfort and ease-of-work.

As with Pro-Cloud, everything we offer is curated to your specific needs with the promise of maximising your organisation’s operational efficiencies. By integrating these hardware solutions into your asset management software solution, you can enhance your inventory management capabilities and modernise your daily processes in one fell swoop!

Click here to see the full range of hardware options we have on offer or visit our hardware partners’ website: https://www.zebra.com/gb/en.html.

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For more information about how Pro-Cloud could benefit your organisation, contact our business development team on 0800 652 0488 or email enquiries@csseurope.co.uk  

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