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Gain instant visualisation of your
on-board emergency equipment

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Revolutionise the way you track and trace critical everyday equipment by using RFID technology and the innovative Pro-Cloud Ready to Go mobile application

As soon as the door of a vehicle is closed all RFID tags are automatically scanned and the outcome is immediately synchronised to the Ready to Go mobile app immediately. The user can then review the results of the scan and react accordingly.

By using the Ready to Go app, personnel can also report faulty equipment, which alerts make ready hubs in advance to ensure they have a replacement ready for changeover. Any equipment with damaged RFID tags can also be manually confirmed as present on board to ensure they are not registered as missing.

Ready to go screen
Ready to go screen
Ready to go screen

For fast-response vehicles, we also provide hand-held RFID readers as alternate hardware to the fixed readers.

In the everyday life of a paramedic, the loss of equipment is inevitable, costing an NHS Trust thousands of pounds. By using the Ready to Go app with RFID asset tracking, an inventory check is completed before departing the scene of the emergency, ensuring equipment is rarely left behind and public money is never wasted.

Receive full system failover with the RFID Gateway

To ensure the Ready to Go app can be used anytime, anywhere we provide the revolutionary Pro-Cloud RFID Gateway. The gateway enables you to receive real-time updates and complete immediate inventory checks out in the field without the need for Wi-Fi connectivity.

The RFID Gateway is a tiny computer that is used with the Pro-Cloud app for the quickest and most powerful data processing available. When using the Ready to Go app and RFID together, emergency response times will never be compromised, and equipment won’t be left behind.

Core benefits include:

Significantly reduce time spent checking your inventory, decreasing waiting times, and in some cases contributing towards preventing a fatality. Guaranteeing life-saving equipment will always be accounted for

Improve communication between stations and staff, ensuring vehicles are re-stocked as quickly as possible

Eliminate high value equipment loss

Ensure paperless working becomes a reality, building on your environmental principles.