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On initial discovery meetings we will recommend that Pro-Cloud is hosted in the ‘Cloud’ through our own UK hosted servers.

As asset management software hosted in the cloud our solutions are fully redundant server architecture provided/managed by the market leader, Rackspace. We use redundant web, directory and database servers incorporating RAID 1 on all disks. All critical data is housed on SAN devices with redundant disks.

System availability is excellent, always achieving zero downtime through full failover on duplicate sites across the UK. Planned downtime is outside working hours.

Rackspace also manages Pro-Cloud’s server hardware.

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Physical Security at the Rackspace hosting data-centre includes locking down and logging all physical access. They provide:

  • Access to authorised personnel only
  • Badges and biometric scanning for controlled access
  • Security camera monitoring and access logging
  • 24×7 onsite staff and unmarked facilities
  • Physical security annually audited by independent firms

Our Servers

Our database has two servers connected via fibre to a SAN.  The nodes work in an active/passive arrangement, with one taking over instantly in the event of a failure. The SAN runs over multiple disks in RAID which has a full backup weekly – with additional incremental backups. Backups are monitored daily with critical systems backed up off-site.

This is replicated on an additional site with incremental restores. Infrastructure and system data is backed up daily.

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Our Rackspace Agreement

Our Rackspace Service Level Agreement ensures, in the event of a total server failure, that a replacement unit will be rebuilt in 4 hours. End-point backups are handled by Druva In-Sync for laptops and encryption. Desktop PCs provide network storage, which is held on a second secure SAN (also managed by Rackspace).