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Asset management software solution for hospitals

CSS has been working with healthcare organisations and providing them with tried and tested asset management software solutions for 27 years.

Working with London Ambulance Service, the busiest ambulance service in the world, alongside a range of clients across healthcare and community equipment management, our experience in the field is second-to-none.

Streamline your asset management processes

Pro-Cloud is the ultimate solution for asset management across the healthcare sector. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a supplier, or managing a warehouse, Pro-Cloud ensures you can track and trace assets giving full visibility and control of stock and assets across multiple locations and functions.

Automation is at Pro-Cloud’s core. All activities are synchronised to the main system in real-time eliminating delays and ensuring complete visibility.

Pro-Cloud offers the highest level of stock visibility, reducing loss of equipment, bringing synergy to your warehouse and improving cost efficiencies throughout.

Hospital Logistics

Consumable Auto-Replenishment

Effective Stock Replenishment

Improve your everyday inventory management efficiencies further by using our Auto Stock Replenishment Transfer feature. This feature will transform the way you work and will take the manual process out of stock replenishment for the day ahead. Configure Pro-Cloud to your minimum and maximum stock level requirements and let the system automatically request new stock when the levels reach these thresholds.

Our “Suggested Picking Location” feature ensures the stock replenishment picking process is maximised in time and effort – especially in large warehouse facilities.

The auto-transfer is completed when the order is delivered and the hub staff mark the order as received. The stock holding within the hub is then automatically updated and the main warehouse stock levels are adjusted accordingly.

Our auto stock replenishment feature monitors stock levels according to minimum and maximum thresholds and will automatically replenish stock once that limit is reached, ensuring a constant flow of supplies and consumables between warehouses and hospitals.

stock replen ambulance screen

Stock Replenishment Dashboards

To maintain effective stock replenishment and keep visibility high across the entire service you can use our wallboard dashboards at your warehouse and hubs. For a warehouse these wallboards will display auto-transfer requests and the picking and despatch statuses to ensure staff at both ends have full visibility of the progress of the order.

Supply Chain Management

If you are a healthcare supplier – start using Pro-Cloud and improve the control of your supply chain. View all supplier information within one centralised location and make comparisons with ease.

All consumable data and associated costs will be stored within the system, enabling a full activity audit trail of your supplier portfolio.

Auto-Replenishment Module

Pro-Cloud: The Future of Healthcare

With Pro-Cloud – innovation is what we do and we are always looking for ways to revolutionise and transform your processes.

Our solution’s inherent scalability and flexibility paves the way for a full-loop solution for the healthcare industry.

scanning wrist band close up

Imagine being able to scan a patient’s wristband as you dress them with a bandage or give them a dose of medicine and have that information logged in real-time with the supplying warehouse and your EPR system.

You would be able to access comprehensive data from integrated EPRs, enabling you to accurately cost a patient’s treatment and cross-reference their current treatment programme with a prior one should they come back for additional care.

Ushering in a new era of streamlined healthcare – better for hospitals, better for patients.

With Pro-Cloud it’s possible.

Learn more about how Pro-Cloud can work with the Healthcare Industry via the following resources:

Key Modules Include:

Asset Management

Mobile Workforce

Supplier Management

Sales Order Processing

Workshop Monitoring

Purchase Order Processing

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Tailored to your healthcare needs

“The Derbyshire contract has used the clinical assessment tool to monitor and shape decision making regards pressure care mattresses. The CSS lead for this project has been instrumental in developing this tool through partnership working with the commissioning team and their equipment lead practitioners.

The CSS lead has clinical experience and this has been a great asset in forging a shared understanding of how the project is progressing. We have noted quick turnaround on amendments to the questionnaire, good levels of support on implementation and advice freely shared on lessons learned by other similar projects.”

Derbyshire County Council (Integrated Community Equipment Stores: ICES)

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