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healthcare and hospital inventory management

Auto-Replenishment Streamlines Healthcare Logistics

We have been working with healthcare organisations, providing them with tried and tested consumables management systems, for 27 years. Working alongside clients such as London Ambulance Service (one of the busiest and fastest ambulance services in the world), the community equipment management group Medequip, and South Central Ambulance Service; our experience is second-to-none.

Pro-Cloud is our premier asset management solution which translates across a wide variety of sectors and industries – healthcare is one of many industries our solution can benefit. Whether that’s for a manufacturer, a supplier, or a hospital, Pro-Cloud – our asset management software for healthcare is the optimal solution for critical consumables management and stock replenishment.

By tracking and tracing all of your consumables, including medicines, across every location in your organisation, Pro-Cloud ensures you have total visibility and complete control over your stock and inventory.

For Example…

Pro-Cloud allows you to monitor and regulate your main stock with its auto-replenishment feature. This allows you to set minimum and maximum thresholds for consumables in your inventory and automatically reorders stock once that threshold is reached.

For example, let’s say that a batch of gowns are sent out from the main warehouse to a hospital location, once the stock levels sent to that hospital reaches the minimum threshold, the warehouse will automatically be alerted, pick the stock and send it to the hospital.

This ensures that there will always be a reliable and consistent flow of critical healthcare and hospital consumables and equipment.

Learn more about our auto-replenishment feature here.


We’ve shown you just one example of how Pro-Cloud can be used as an end-point solution for healthcare and hospital inventory management. However, the solution’s capabilities extend beyond that and can bring efficiency across healthcare and hospital operations.

With Pro-Cloud’s API, you can synchronise your consumables management solution with your EPR system and capture data for treatments in real-time, allowing you to fully cost a patient’s treatment.

Being partnered with industry-leader Zebra technologies means we provide our clients with cutting-edge hardware especially designed for healthcare and warehouse environments.

As Location and Tracking RFID Specialists (and one of Zebra’s Independent Software Vendors) we have the expertise to seamlessly integrate inventory and management solutions across every level of a healthcare service.

Zebra Registered ISV Partner - Location and Tracking Specialist

Furthermore, unlike some of our contemporaries, this solution operates at a considerably lower cost, providing you with cost efficiencies across the board. With low costs, high efficiency, and automated critical consumables management – Pro-Cloud is the ultimate asset management software for healthcare services.

You can find out more about our hybrid tagging solutions here.

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