Medical Equipment Asset Management Consultancy

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    What Can We Offer?

    We have over 20 years of experience providing cloud software platforms to underpin efficiency, productivity, safety, and high availability to NHS trusts, local authorities, public sector services, charities, and commercial operations.

    Good quality asset management is essential in delivering a sustainable, efficient and profitable business. Ultimately it helps organisations make better decisions, improve cost controls, demonstrate regulatory compliance, build trust and manage risk.

    As the healthcare market continues to evolve through innovation, we are seeing the convergence between digitally driven applications and the advance in technology associated with fixed and movable medical equipment. Looking beyond the typical cohabitation of equipment and technology planning and design, our team will look at how you currently provide asset management, consumable management, and bespoke services such as ‘Make Ready’. The team will provide a GAP analysis of your current processes benchmarked against the MHRA Managing Medical Devices 2021 and identify where new and innovative solutions may produce not only safe, compliant practices but save money in doing so.

    The Service Review

    According to the MHRA Managing Medical Devices 2021, the minimum criteria for medical devices asset management system are;

    CriteriaMHRA Mandated
    Record Current LocationX
    Record Date of Acceptance CheckX
    Record Date of ReceiptX
    Record DecontaminationX
    Record Disposal DateX
    Record Frequency of Planned ServicingX
    Record Item DescriptionX
    Record Item TypeX
    Record Level of Planned ServicingX
    Record ManufacturerX
    Record Manufacturer Model NumberX
    CriteriaMHRA Mandated
    Record Manufacturer Serial NumberX
    Record Manufacturer UpdateX
    Record of Date Transferred to Current LocationX
    Record Physical ConditionX
    Record Proposed Out of Service Data (Expected Life)X
    Record Purchase PriceX
    Record Removal from service and quarantineX
    Record unscheduled maintenanceX
    Store files and documents that are linked to assetsX
    Utilise single systemX

    However, as with any capability, it is not just about a single criterion or process but how these are integrated into your daily resourcing and future planning.

    This full integration of services results in improved outcomes and therefore this complete service includes a review of:

    Catalogue Management – Equipment, Consumables, Medicines, Controlled Drugs, Uniforms, Ancillary Assets/Equipment, Ages, Cost & depreciation, succession planning.

    Asset & Inventory Management – Asset Tracking, Make Ready Process, Fault Reporting, Field Service Notifications, Recall Management

    Stock Management – Goods Receipt (linked to your purchasing process), Scheduled and Adhoc Stock Takes, Stock Holding (min/expected/max)

    Tasks & Servicing – Scheduled Servicing, Adhoc Servicing, Service Schedule, Service Recording

    Purchasing – Purchase Order generation, Financial system integration, Full loop goods-received process

    Workshop – Workshop job scheduling, Alerts, Parts availability, and labour costs, Reporting

    The Outcome

    Having completed the review, you will be provided with a full report. Should it be required, the team can go to support you in the production of your capability requirements document. Once complete this can be used to produce a formal invitation to Tender or support product selection through the G-Cloud framework.

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    Who Will Deliver This For You?

    The review will be led by a senior executive with considerable medical equipment project, change, and risk management experience in complex and fast-moving environments. Our consultants are accomplished strategic planners with significant experience in developing solutions and policy and delivering process improvement. Our medical equipment executive is a committed and passionate individual who has over 30 years of experience delivering operational and strategic logistics. He holds expert status with the Institute of Supply Chain Management.

    He has worked on many high-profile logistics projects, including delivering end-to-end asset management of operational medical equipment during its deployment, use, and recovery during military service. Most recently he was responsible for the availability, tracking, and distribution of PPE at a national level for St John Ambulance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This level of experience leads to an individual fully versed in identifying issues, solutions, and writing capability requirements. Furthermore, he is uniquely qualified to support the implementation of identified solutions.

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