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Automate your stock replenishment processes

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Effective Stock Replenishment

Improve your everyday inventory management efficiencies further by using our Auto Stock Replenishment Transfer feature. This feature will transform the way you work and will take the manual process out of stock replenishment for the day ahead. Configure Pro-Cloud to your minimum and maximum stock level requirements and let the system automatically request new stock when the levels reach these thresholds.

Our “Suggested Picking Location” feature ensures the stock replenishment picking process is maximised in time and effort – especially in large warehouse facilities.

stock replen ambulance screen

The auto-transfer is completed when the order is delivered and the hub staff mark the order as received. The stock holding within the hub is then automatically updated and the main warehouse stock levels are adjusted accordingly.

Stock Replenishment Dashboards

To maintain effective stock replenishment and keep visibility high across the entire service you can use our wallboard dashboards at your warehouse and hubs. For a warehouse these wallboards will display auto-transfer requests and the picking and despatch statuses to ensure staff at both ends have full visibility of the progress of the order.

Core benefits include:

Save valuable time looking for stock items and let the system do the work for you

Replenish stock by demand and reduce unnecessary stock holdings

View stock updates within moments and be left assured that your stock levels are always optimised for the day/week ahead

Eliminate the need for manual stock replenishment processes, save valuable time for other critical tasks and reduce human error