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Revolutionary asset tracking software for Police Evidence Management Departments

Pro-Cloud is a full-loop inventory tracking and auditing solution that communicates effectively through API integration with case management systems creating a centralised platform that always delivers. As soon as an evidence item is transferred to Pro-Cloud, an RFID asset tag is created with a unique asset tracking number, which is used throughout its entire lifecycle, significantly improving the speed of locating evidence.

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RFID Technology - the newest and most advanced technology for evidence traceability

RFID technology is the most advanced labelling option on the market and reads multiple RFID tags simultaneously within moments. It automates data collection and reduces human interaction, supporting tag readings without having to scan item by item. RFID can be used as a combination of both fixed and handheld technology, enabling your service to configure the solution to suit your requirements.

Fixed RFID technology can be installed into an evidence management unit which automatically scans assets in and out of a location. Having such advanced technology in place provides automated updates to the Pro-Cloud system for full auditability of items, where they have been moved to, and who has requested the move without the need for manual time-consuming updates. The system will also send alerts to clerks or management staff to notify them of evidence that hasn’t been returned in a certain timeframe.

Handheld RFID readers are also available and can be used at any stage of the process such as when items are kept in interim locations before onward transmission to an evidence management unit storage location or for audit purposes. RFID locate can also provide a quick and easy way of pinpointing a piece of evidence using a Geiger counter concept.

As part of our product offering, specialist asset tags can be purchased to accommodate specific evidence storage locations such as refrigerators and freezers, withstanding temperatures of -20 with degradation.

Significantly reduce the time spent completing evidence management audits.

Pro-Cloud is critical software that ensures the full traceability of pertinent crime scene evidence. It stores vital information that can be recovered at any time during an investigation and will significantly reduce the time spent finding evidence. Whatever the timescale, Pro-Cloud will keep historical records of everything, which can be accessed with the click of a button. This advanced process will provide the tools to complete inventory audits anytime and will ensure your department always adheres to regulations.

Any movement of evidence is communicated back to the case management system ensuring full traceability across every area of the force.

Key Features Include:

Asset Management

Business Intelligence Reporting

Asset Auditing

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RFID Technology