What Are the Benefits of an Asset Management System?

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Whether you’re a large corporation or an SME, it is important to manage assets both big and small in order to maintain high standards of efficiency and ensure everything is up to date across all levels of your organisation.

We’ll be going through how Pro-Cloud, our asset management software solution, can answer these questions.

Keeping Things Organised

The best way to keep track of your assets is to have a comprehensive register of every single asset and its exact location or status. This is where Pro-Cloud’s Assets & Inventory module can help.

Imagine a tree. You have the roots, these are your main warehouses or hubs, and as the roots grow into the trunk, they diverge into branches. Each of these branches represents a different location related to your warehouse or depots. Every branch has smaller arms leading off it, which represent sub-locations; every single leaf on these branches represents a single asset and every cluster of berries represents your batch assets.

Using the “asset tree” allows you to sort and categorise your assets based on your current storage methods.

We think being able to drill down into the details is important for keeping track of your assets. We’ve applied this philosophy to Pro-Cloud so you can be as detailed as you want, down to the last box, a tray on a shelf, or even the contents of medicine bags.

With this capability underpinning our software, Pro-Cloud gives you greater visibility and control over the movement and management of your stock.

What if you have a plethora of storage spaces? That’s not a problem either. Pro-Cloud centralises all your data so you can manage multiple locations all in one place.


Additionally, Pro-Cloud eliminates the need for pesky paper records and hard copies by being a fully digital cloud-based solution. Reduce your administration, amount of storage space, and your impact on the environment in one fell swoop.

Going digital streamlines and expediates your daily processes, freeing up your valuable time while also minimising the risk of human error.


Accessibility is important. What good is anything if it’s impossible to use? We understand the difficulty of navigating complex software which is why we make accessibility one of our top priorities by ensuring the interface for our asset management system is as streamlined and user-friendly as possible.

Whether it’s the main dashboard which gives you an overview of all the information you need with easy navigation to each module, or the built-in help guides. We pride ourselves on ensuring users get the most out of our solution.

Not to mention we keep an open line of communication with our users so we can understand their needs and requirements. If there’s something you’d like to bring to our attention, we encourage you to bring it to us directly; we’re happy to help.

Not only do we provide training to make sure you’re comfortable with using the system, but there is also always a support net there for you. Whether that’s by contacting our Helpdesk, raising a ticket through Zendesk, or following the system’s easy-to-understand video walkthroughs.

Accountability and Auditing

Being able to track your assets and automate daily processes is just one aspect of what Pro-Cloud is capable of. For example, we understand that keeping your eye on raw, quantitative data is a priority. This is where Data Visualisation shines. Powered by Microsoft, this module visualises data across the system to provide you with valuable insight. These reports can be as broad or as specific as you like and are supported in a variety of formats giving you unmatched insight into the finer details in a way that best suits your needs.

You can elevate your automation even further with the Procurement Management module which allows you to track purchase orders and set up automatic renewals for recurring purchases giving you greater control over expenditure. This empowers you to make more informed decisions on procurement, leading to cost-efficiencies in both the short and long term.


With this range of opportunities for advancement and transformation, going digital with an asset management solution like Pro-Cloud is the best way forward.

Want to see what Pro-Cloud has done for our clients? Check out our testimonials or our case studies.

If you want to lean more about what our software can do for you, get in touch with our Business Development Team. Either call us on 0800 652 0488 or email enquiries@csseurope.co.uk

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