Streamlined Evidence Tracking

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Streamlined Police Evidence Tracking
– Everything You Need to Know

How Pro-Cloud can enable seamless Police Evidence Tracking

Evidence management audits are an important aspect of ensuring efficiency and accountability across the police force. But outdated legacy systems and old practices stand in the way of making sure auditing processes run as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

The solution? Pro-Cloud

How Can Pro-Cloud Help?

Evidence software illustration_1Pro-Cloud is a full-loop inventory tracking and auditing solution with a host of modules configured to streamline the tracking of evidence items and the completion of audits, digitally transforming the way your police evidence management department operates.

With our specialised evidence tracking software, police forces can successfully locate items at all times which ensures the full traceability of pertinent crime scene evidence. This in turn reduces delays and significantly aids in the progression of a case.

RFID Technology-Powered Evidence Tracking

Assisted by market-leading RFID technology, all tagged items will be assigned a unique identification number and logged on the system, creating a comprehensive database of evidence.

By utilising RFID for police evidence management, a vast amount of evidence items can be scanned across a single location simultaneously. Complementing this implementation with a fixed RFID reader that is fitted to your evidence management unit allows for automated inventory checks, eliminating the manual process and removing human error.

How RFID Works For You

rfd40 with screenshotRFID technology can be configured as it best suits your operational requirements. For example, installing fixed RFID readers across evidence management units would automatically scan all items going through that location and trigger alarms if anything were moved without going through the correct procedures.

Or you could utilise handheld RFID scanners to track and log items through interim locations to maintain visibility across all stages of the item’s lifecycle. Additionally, these scanners can be used to conduct stock checks for audits or quality control purposes.



For an overview of our RFID hardware options, see here.


The implementation of the Pro-Cloud solution is overseen by a dedicated project delivery and onboarding team ensuring that it’s optimised for the specific needs of your service and its evidence management auditing requirements.

To learn more about how Pro-Cloud can transform your police evidence tracking procedures, book a software demo with us by contacting our Business Development Team.


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