What we have learnt from attending exhibitions!

scotland works pro-cloud exhibition stand

As an established software organisation we are always thinking of new ideas to market our software systems and in 2017 exhibitions have been at the forefront.

Due to our extensive product range we have attended three completely different exhibitions this year; Scotland Works was our first exhibition where we were located in the facilities management area, promoting our asset, fleet and task management solutions Pro-Cloud and Pro-Cloud BlueLight. The community equipment specific event, NAEP was the second event that we attended and where we exhibited our TCES Community solution and most recently we attended the Emergency Service Show with our asset, fleet and task management solution for the emergency service’s industry.

Throughout the year we have learnt some key points:

Organisation is key

On the build-up to an exhibition there is a lot to think about; is our stand design exactly how we envisaged, does our show guide content read well, have we got the lighting and electric required? These are just a few elements of an exhibition that have to be considered with timings associated to each task. The list is always extensive, which is why it is important to be organised from the get go.

Location, location, location

Over and over again we have contemplated where would be the best place to position our stand at an event, especially when we haven’t attended a particular exhibition before. Our advice would be to always take on board what the organisers have to say and failing that locate yourself in a busy area by a seminar theatre or the entrance to the event.

Pre and post communication is a must

Advertising and making contact with potential customers is a must before attending an event. Making contact increases the chance of a successful show and good qualified leads being the result. Afterwards keeping in contact with the leads obtained is a must in making sure those valuable leads turn into sales.

To expect the unexpected

From attending a variety of exhibitions we have found that unexpected business leads have been attained, which has been great for expanding our market sectors portfolio and increasing our sales pipeline.

The importance of the correct staff

Due to the complexity of our solutions we always make sure we have both technical and sales staff manning our stand.

The importance of portraying the same message

An audience will expect to understand exactly what an organisation does when they are looking at their stand, in visual and written form. Consistency when writing content for both a stand and supporting marketing material is key, mixed messages could bring doubt to a potential customer.

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