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Asset Management Solutions for the Public Sector

While this topic may not be something at the forefront of everyone’s mind, with growing pressure and limited resources pushing these services to the limit, it’s time to examine what an asset management solution for public sector organisations can be capable of.

Our Services

We provide several software solutions that can be tailored to the needs of the public sector. We can offer up Pro-Cloud, Pro-Cloud Ambulance, Pro-Cloud BlueLight, Pro-Cloud Fleet, and there’s always our community equipment ordering solution TCES Community for NHS Trusts and Local Authorities. Pro-Cloud Ambulance and BlueLight are designed to serve the emergency services with specific modules tailored to their needs. While our solutions serve different industries, they all benefit, digitally transform, and revolutionise public sector operations.

Centralising Asset Data and Public Sector Organisations

Our asset management software system centralizes inventory data into one easy-to-use interface, it does this by giving you the ability to set up and automate asset information such as maintenance requirements, it allows you to track every asset movement via barcoding technology and provides data about your assets in real-time. Having one centralised solution to record all this information saves time and minimises human error, digitally transforming how public sector organisations work. Our customer Ceredigion County Council provided us with the following testimonial: ‘Implementing this system has allowed our service to finally become ‘paper free’. We no longer require the use of paper prescriptions and all delivery staff are able to use their hand held devices effectively and efficiently. This has greatly reduced the amount of admin work required by the office staff and most communication between our service staff and clinicians/prescribers can be done online.’ By using an asset management solution, a public sector organisation such as Ceredigion can maximise their efficiencies and expedite processes that would otherwise be time-consuming and at risk of human error – taking their services to the next level.

The advantages don’t just end there, there are multiple ways asset management software can serve the needs of the public sector with Pro-Cloud being the premier choice for physical asset management.

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Public Sector Stock Control and Cost Efficiencies

With the Pro-Cloud Stock Management module, you can monitor all the assets in your inventory against a detailed catalogue, offering the highest levels of stock visibility wherever assets are located. Every stock movement is managed, including real time usage and valuation. Stock is also recorded and managed financially within the system in order to build in equipment depreciation. Not only that but if applicable to your organisation, it enables you to minimise stock shortage and wastage by configuring automated re-stocking based on minimum and maximum levels, so they never fall below a certain threshold.

The stock management module works with the catalogue so all the information stored about your inventory is accurate and can be updated with just a few clicks, meaning a public sector organisation can have greater visibility and control of their stock, minimising the loss of assets. In fact, Somerset County Council already uses our system to save time with stock management as they were able to: “move a time-consuming equipment panel process to an online version which captures all the information [they] required.”

By incorporating these features of the system as standard practice, wastage and mismanagement cease to be an issue, with cost efficiencies coming from full visibility, control and utilising assets throughout their whole lifecycle, maintaining inventory levels, and reducing unnecessary wastage.

Additional Benefits

Going Paperless → Managing assets in any form for the public sector typically means spreadsheets upon spreadsheets, outdated legacy systems, or even just a pen and paper. With Pro-Cloud, these solutions will be a thing of the past, with our cloud-based software solution centralising your data into one online system, allowing the operation of paperless working for any public sector organisation that signs up.

“Implementing this system has allowed for our service to finally become ‘paper-free’. We no longer require the use of paper prescriptions and all delivery staff are able to use their hand held devices effectively and efficiently.” – Ceredigion County Council

API Integration → You can have your solution work alongside a range of other services like Amazon Web Services or ERP systems. You can even have it linked with Zendesk – the ticketing system our support team uses. This ensures any tickets you raise will be resolved as swiftly as possible so you can rest assured your asset management solution will be running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

warehouse managementBusiness Intelligence Reporting → With the Microsoft Business Intelligence Reporting module, a public sector organisation has the ability to analyse asset data at any time. Both in-built and bespoke reports can be generated, enabling predictions to be made to inform any future procurements while also monitoring and visualising trends from previous activity.

Pro-Cloud is an all-encompassing platform that doesn’t just manage assets. It ensures other key components are considered and associated asset information is recorded. It also manages warehouses, maintenance schedules, sales orders, equipment collections, fleets of vehicles, logistical routes, purchases and internal and external customer relationships. The intuitive system communicates effectively to ensure nothing is missed and your public sector processes are configured with all these modules for a streamlined and efficient way of working.

And so…

With the Pro-Cloud software and its features holding so much potential for the digital transformation of public sector services, it’s clear to see why it is the best asset management solution for the public sector market place.

Learn more about how Pro-Cloud functions as a public sector software solution and check out our testimonials!

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