Tricky Halloween

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With more than 6 months of constantly changing restrictions and guidelines to follow and adjust to 2020 has been pretty spectacular in the tricky and scary department. Businesses nationwide and globally have had to step up to the ‘new normal’, determined to survive this unexpected downturn.

As the year has flown by it has become clear to see which key factors many businesses have needed to monitor in order to thrive.

Stock Management

It’s always been critical to know how much stock a business has. Is it too high? Is it too low? In current times holding too much stock could leave it sitting in the warehouse and not being sold or making money. Too little and when the time comes to meet demand you could be playing catch up. There’s always a middle ground to be found and with a stock alert system in place you won’t find your self walking that treacherous tightrope.

Forecasting & Business Reporting

While the balancing act of stock management may take some time to master, forecasting trends and business reporting is something that you can work on now. Only you know when your business works best. Its busy season, its slow season and its best selling products. Businesses record this information in various ways such as ledgers and spreadsheets. They have this information but sometime it may be hard to visualize it in a way that they can springboard from. You want to know what you do best and capitalize on it. Within an all-encompassing asset management solution all your information can be stored in the same place and within that business reporting module you can make identifying trends and forecasting business requirements an easier task.

Work Distribution/Workforce

An increasingly difficult challenge across the pandemic has focused on the workforce and retaining it while balancing the needs of the business. It’s a hard choice to reduce your workforce and some have instead chosen to distribute work more evenly to keep staff in employment. Staff have been encouraged to work from home or reduce hours. A benefit of an automated solution includes the ability to send out tasks to individuals wherever they may be working. With the help of the mobile app schedules are kept up to date in real-time, even increasing productivity.

Cloud Access & VoIP

Working from home or in the field means having everything you need to hand, with a large portion of businesses equipping their employees with laptops and headsets to make the transition that much easier. Having a cloud-based system with tiered access and authorization means employees can continue to do their jobs from wherever they are with all the data and systems they need. No need to halt business calls or customer contact centres as it can all be redirected at the click of a button using voice over IP telephone systems keeping continuity throughout the working week.

These are just some of the features and modules to focus on from our asset management system, there is so much more to discover that can add value to your business.

Pro-Cloud is a full cycle asset management and maintenance software solution and much more in these tricky times. Set up in a modular fashion you can tailor the system to suit your one of a kind business.

A tricky year may not have been what you wished for but Pro-Cloud can surely be a treat this Halloween.

For more information about the Pro-Cloud solution please get in touch with our Business Development team on 0844 879 4531 or email

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