5 Pre-Implementation AMS Software Tips

So you’ve decided that your organisation finally needs a new asset management solution. It’s time to track, trace and maintain the vital items you use each and every day. Before picking up the phone and getting the ball rolling with our Pro-Cloud software solution there are a few things you can do to get yourself ahead of the game, 5 handy ones in fact.

                  1. Collate Your Assets
                  2. Build A Team
                  3. Create A Wishlist
                  4. Make A Budget
                  5. Formulate A Timeline


Tip #1 Collate Your Assets

This could literally be going around your office/warehouse clipboard in hand and making a detailed list of your items. How important are they? Do they need regular care? Are they used by multiple employees? There could be an endless list of factors to consider but the most important thing to do is make sure they are accounted for.

If your company has already been working with a solution, make sure your historical data is accessible and easy for our Pro-Cloud On-Boarding Team to process and migrate across. This will save a lot of time getting set up and aid in work continuity.


Tip #2 Build Your Team

Every project needs a team, to make sure the task at hand is run well and that the end goal is achieved. The size of your project team may vary depending on the size of your organisation but there are a few key players you need to have. These personnel are:

  • A member who has the authority to make significant changes or push things through quickly, getting permission where needed.
  • A member to manage the money side of things and keep the project within budget.
  • A team member who knows the ins and outs of operational processes.
  • A member who can learn the software initially and train others, cascading knowledge across the board.

Any team member can wear multiple hats but having their input is vital. Having a great team makes the collaboration with our Pro-Cloud Implementation team run as smooth as possible.


Tip #3 Create A Wishlist

At this point in your search for a new asset management solution you’ve no doubt seen every bell and whistle that a new software system could potentially provide. With so many possibilities and customisations available it’s easy to get swept away and want all the mod-cons and fancy add-ons. But never forget what you wish for most of all, the basics that you need to be operationally efficient. Consider the modules you can’t do without and make sure those are your priority.


Tip #4 Make A Budget

Money is one of the biggest factors in implementing a new software solution, very rarely is a team given an unlimited amount of money to spend on a single piece of software. The budget you want to stick to is where your handy new team member gets their time to shine. Back in Tip #3 we had you thinking about priority modules. Really think about what you want to achieve and the pain points currently rippling throughout your organisation. Pro-Cloud offers a variety of modules that work together to tackle every aspect of inventory management. Ask yourself as well as ensuring our physical assets are managed and controlled, could we add bolt-ons to encompass other aspects of our operational needs? Will they make an immediate effect on how we operate as a business? Will it save us money in the long run? Take the time to consider these before going ahead.


Tip #5 Formulate A Timeline

How much time do you want to spend implementing a new asset management software solution? Do you need it right away? Or are you willing to go off a potentially extended timeline recommended by our Pro-Cloud team, to ensure the process is done the right way?

It could take weeks or months to successfully embed a new asset management solution such as Pro-Cloud. This could be dependent on the size of your business, the amount of assets you have or even the time and amount of employees you have to get up to speed on a new process. But mapping out at least a basic timeline that you hope to work to is advisable.


There you have it, 5 helpful tips! With these 5 Pre-Implementation Tips in hand you can give yourself and your team an edge before engaging with our Pro-Cloud Team, and save time fleshing out the bones of your wants and needs.

Need more help? Pro-Cloud offers business consultancy as an additional service. Our vast experience makes us experts in advising customers from any market sector on business efficiencies and how an asset management solution can transform everyday working patterns. We provide current reviews of business practices and highlight operational processes to work on to ensure you get the best return on investment from our asset management software solution.

Get thinking and start planning for your digital transformation today!

For more information about Pro-Cloud, our business asset management software solution, have a chat with our Business Development Team on 0800 652 0488 or email enquiries@csseurope.co.uk

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