5 Benefits of Asset Management

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Whether you’re a small local business or a large international conglomerate: every business holds valuable physical assets. These assets need to be managed and monitored to maximise efficiency within your organisation. For that: you need an asset management system, and more specifically, you need Pro-Cloud. Today, we’re going to outline five key benefits of implementing an asset management system.

1. Universal & Accessible

  • The Pro-Cloud software is designed to be as versatile as possible; lending itself to be utilized by any organisation from emergency services and community equipment services to private corporations and media archives. As long as you have physical assets that need to be managed and controlled, Pro-Cloud can do it all! You can find out more about this by looking through our case studies and testimonials. Pro-Cloud’s user interface is regularly updated to ensure a smooth, effortless experience for the user whether they’re a software pro or a technophobe. Also, with two-factor authentication being a predominant security feature, you can be left assured that user accessibility isn’t only simple but also secure. Why not book a demo with us and see for yourself?

2. Compartmentalise Your Assets

  • One of the core features of our Pro-Cloud software is the “asset tree”: a schema within the software that allows you, at your own discretion, to categorise and monitor your assets by location. You can be as specific as you want, right down to the individual shelf. So, if it has a barcode label… it’s in the system for you to access. Click here to view a list of Pro-Cloud barcode options.
  • The layout is simple yet efficient, enabling you to view asset information, history, and value with just a few clicks (or taps if you’re using our Pro-Cloud app). This gives you total peace of mind about your asset records and data.

3. Total Control

  • Pro-Cloud allows you to set user-specific restrictions across the board, meaning you get final say on which of your employees use which aspects of your system. This means you can reduce the risk of human error by limiting individual permissions.
  • This can be broken down into a three-tier system with system admins at the top of the tree, followed by operational staff, and finally, management staff. This chain of command guarantees managerial oversight, so the risk of misfiling information is greatly minimised.

4. Full Visibility

  • Pro-Cloud offers a stock replenishment feature that is unrivalled in how it provides streamlined asset control. The feature essentially grants a user the permission to determine rules and limitations for specialised assets. For example: say you don’t want stock of a specific asset to fall below a certain threshold – using this feature means you can set minimum and maximum stock requirements, which automatically requests stock based on these parameters. This makes you safe in the knowledge that your stock levels are continuously monitored by our system, granting you and your employees more time to focus on the important aspects of making your organisation tick.

5.  Automation

  • One of the largest concerns for any organisation is how to modernise and adapt for the current day. Pro-Cloud offers a succinct and effective solution and Automates Everything! When used to its maximum, Pro-Cloud will automate all operational processes. By using the Pro-Cloud mobile app, you can ensure asset management is always at the forefront and everything from asset activity updates to maintenance schedules are updated in real-time.

As demonstrated earlier, Pro-Cloud’s system layout allows you to minimise human error while still providing real-time updates for your assets. Furthermore, with a bigger push for organisations to go green, why not go paperless by implementing Pro-Cloud as your asset management system?

For more information about Pro-Cloud could benefit your organisation contact our business development team on 0800 652 0488 or email enquiries@csseurope.co.uk

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