The Face of Mobile Working

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Gone are the days when you’re tied to the office for half the day and your mobile team is bouncing in and out like they’re attached to rubber bands to file paperwork.

It’s a vicious yet vital cycle that keeps your business going and that some companies are still doing right now. The more work they do on the go the more paperwork they need to file to make sure communication channels are kept open and up to date. However let’s face it, at the end of the day when it’s time to clock out and go home, corners are cut and things are sometimes forgotten. Employees want to get through their mound of tedious work as fast as possible and put the day to rest.

It is pretty clear that the best time to log any type of information is exactly when you get it, and the same goes for customer details and work orders being carried out. Maybe you’re used to taking basic notes to convert later on back in the office or you have exceptional memory recall, information can still be forgotten by the time you input it in to the company system.

But think, how useful would it be to have your company system with you and your team on the job? Information logged immediately, core systems filled with up to date real-time data drastically reducing the need for you to return unnecessarily to the office. That’s only the beginning, now is the time to really breath life into your mobile working team. Be in control and improve productivity by automating job schedules and making adjustments as priority issues arise.

Pro-Cloud Mobile Workforce brings you the clarity and flexibility to manage your team in a way that benefits everyone from the ground up. A pro-active and pre-emptive solution that is compatible with multiple platforms and can be integrated with our range of modules.

For more information about Pro-Cloud Mobile Workforce and the Pro-Cloud range contact us.

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