All I Want for Christmas is Pro-Cloud

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The month of December welcomes two types of businesses:

#1 – The Company whose business skyrockets at the sight of the festive season

#2 – The Company whose business is winding down and preparing for the New Year

They’re at opposite ends of the spectrum but they would both benefit from the gift of an asset management system within their organisation this Christmas.

How? You ask. We’ll tell you (just don’t tell the elves)

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The Christmas Boomer. This could be anything from a retail store through to their back end supplier warehouse that stocks several locations across the country. This is the time of year where their business thrives on that crazy Christmas shopping crowd. Their customers main priority is about whether that trendy new toy is in stock in the store closest to them, however it goes further than that. The retail store will need to know how many are in stock, if they’re running low and need to order in more. Keep on going down the chain and the supplier will need to know how many they have in the warehouse to fulfil a new order from the store. If none of this is monitored there might be a chance that little Timmy won’t get his gift this year. Dissatisfied customers could possibly lead to the loss of future business and that’s the last thing that your business wants. It’s a domino effect of reactions that can become a nightmare.

With an asset management system in place these situations can be avoided by monitoring sales and stock in real-time giving you updates as and when you need them, helping with future sales/ stock forecasts once the festive period is over. Christmas 2018 will be a breeze in terms of predicting shopper patterns and stocking the retails store accordingly. A single investment that will continue to be beneficial year upon year.

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Essentially this could extend to all of those companies who aren’t a part of the Christmas circus. Their busy period may come earlier in the year in line with another holiday. They see December as the month to relax and possibly make arrangements for January, ready for the New Year. Some companies take the time out to manage their assets. Whether this is done by paper or spreadsheet it can be extremely time consuming. If you aren’t managing/accounting for these items within your organisation maybe now would be a good time to slot it in to your calendar.

Paper-based systems and spreadsheets are a good start but they are open to human error quite easily. Paperwork can get lost and misfiled and with one wrong formula a spreadsheet can be corrupted. Implementing an asset management system at any stage would improve your awareness of the assets you handle day to day across your organisation and reduce errors significantly. Completing audits will take considerably less work still allowing time for those office festivities.

Pro-Cloud encompasses and excels at handling both ends of the asset management spectrum and much more, providing your company with real-time updates in the office and on-the-go. With an in-built library of reports to utilise and several additional modules to tailor Pro-Cloud to your company our solution does it all.

For more information on Pro-Cloud please contact us.

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