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The majority of the nation is tech/app savvy. We prefer to do most functions through apps on our smartphones and tablets rather than the conventional desktop computer. Why not do the same for your mobile workforce out in the field?

Although the desktop PC has its uses in larger screens and bigger memory capacity the shift from desktop to handheld is clear. Smaller devices are allowing the workforce to leave the office and work on the move without compromising their job load or access to data.

A significant amount of people use smartphones or tablets in their day-to-day lives and the shift is making a strong move over to the professional world. We can check emails before coming in to the office, or even update system information before sitting down to dinner etc. Working across multiple devices at various times of the day is becoming part of the norm for many business personnel.

The ease of use of smartphone apps and programs has many benefits for the professional sector:

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The benefits of working in such an efficient manner are easy to see and will only continue to grow. As businesses embrace and adapt the way their workforce carries out their job customer interaction will improve greatly.

Pro-Cloud and its mobile workforce app can help you cultivate all of these benefits. Our app works seamlessly with each module of the Pro-Cloud solution. This allows the flow of vital data to be provided in real time and keep its users up to date out in the field. Available on multiple platforms all devices can be accommodated leaving no stone unturned and no information lost.

Discover more information on Mobile Workforce and how it integrates with the other Pro-Cloud modules.

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