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Timing is key when it comes to ensuring your assets are maintained on time, every time.

Over the years your business has accumulated a variety of assets and learnt to operate effectively. These assets could be office equipment, laptop computers or a fleet of vans to deliver your service. The best way to keep them operating effectively to their full potential and to save more money in the long run is to look after them year on year.

Maintaining your assets with an asset management solution will help you manage these six key points:


Knowing an assets whereabouts whether it’s available to use by an employee, if it’s being tested in a workshop, been decommissioned or due to be replaced is where it all starts. The whereabouts allows you to plan ahead and around the maintenance of your assets. Attempting to do that through paperwork and forms can be a major hassle and things can slip through the cracks.


Stay up to date with maintenance schedules. This may currently be through looking at the upcoming calendar month but this could be made so much easier through test alert notifications. Get reminders days or weeks in advance for individual items and be made instantly aware when a test is overdue.


An automated asset management software solution can retain vital test information for audits, eliminating the need for paper files to be kept. A full historic trail from start to finish for each and every asset you own is kept digitally, preserving all relevant information that can be recalled at the click of a button.


Maintaining your assets on a regular basis encourages the reuse and care of assets instead of automatically jumping to the replacement option which should be a last-ditch effort. Reusing well maintained assets promotes a greener business ideal as less new assets are being purchased, there’s a measured approach to increasing the asset tally, which ultimately saves money.


A regular asset maintenance schedule can lead to creating better business practices which can be passed on to new employees as they progress through the business. Employees productivity improves, which is a huge benefit as the clarity of assets and their usage becomes clearer. This leads to quicker communication channels as it’s easier to produce evidence of assets in a variety of formats for employees up to board members allowing them to create a better way of working for their staff.


An automated asset test schedule allows clear visibility of assets and their maintenance requirements and movements. This gives you accountability and information you can trust on a day-to-day basis.

With the Pro-Cloud asset management solution, tasks & servicing module you’ll never miss important test and maintenance notifications for your assets again. Staying ahead of schedule with our automated calendar allows you to optimise your assets to their full potential and even generate ad-hoc tests should the need arise. Drill down on regular or emergency maintenance tests and their outcomes through business reporting and trend management. Improving your asset maintenance with the Pro-Cloud asset management solution is just the beginning.

Visit for more information about the Pro-Cloud asset management software solution and its task and servicing module or talk to our Business Development team via – 0800 652 0488

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