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How do you know what to improve if you don’t confront mistakes being made?

It’s the people who help your business run every day that will assist you in realising these mistakes. Your employees. Your customers. Your suppliers. They hold the answers for the improvements your business may need. Without them, trying to figure out where your problems lie is like stumbling around in the dark.

Before trying to implement change in your business it’s a good idea to capture the types of activities and data that are produced day-to-day. A baseline. From this you can clearly visualise the areas of improvement and kickstart your plans.

Employee Feedback

Your employees are your frontline and they undoubtedly see the good and bad of your business. Gaining feedback from your employees is more than likely the most valuable information you can collect. They can tell you which back-end process takes them the most time, which is easiest and works well, where they can cut down on tasks etc. Happy employees work harder because they feel valued and appreciated and something as little as asking for feedback can work wonders.

Customer Feedback

Customers are the people you want to keep happy and content. Happy customers become repeat business and that’s where your revenue lies. From a customer you can gain insight on deliveries, are they late or on-time? The quality of your customer facing employees and products. Even how they see your business. Would they use you again? Would they refer you to a friend?

Sales figures can also help you highlight areas of improvement by showing you rises and maybe falls in accordance to seasons or time of day. These could inspire new marketing ideas and how to combat problem areas.

Once you have all of this valuable information what’s the next step?

What do you do with it?

Easy. You start making changes. Small ones, that you can manage and track their progression before making them big changes. A good way to fix, track and manage your goals and data would be with an all-encompassing asset management system that has the ability to manage a variety of business processes. Depending on what new information you hold there are a variety of business critical asset management systems that can take the information and knowledge you have and consolidate it in a user-friendly way.

Concerned about deliveries and productivity? Fleet management software and routing may be best to start with. Shortening routes, reducing your carbon footprint and providing you with an extra pair of eyes on your roaming employees.

Condensing task and processes into easy manageable jobs? An asset management system could be ideal, letting you know where items are located, how many there are and the condition they are in.

With our asset management system, Pro-Cloud you will be provided with a broad business overview and detailed notes all in one system. Wanting to improve your business is a natural progression once you get started. Your ultimate goal is wanting to be the best in your sector and provide a top-quality service all round.

There’s always room for improvement, all you need to do is ask the right questions.

Creative Software Solutions (Europe) Ltd offer a range of software systems to a variety of public and private sectors, including healthcare and emergency services. With over 20 years’ of experience and successful business we help businesses to obtain efficiencies and cost savings in many ways.

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