Does My Organisation Need Pro-Cloud?

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If you’re unsure about whether Pro-Cloud could suit your organisation, why not see for yourself?

Pro-Cloud is, at its core, an asset management system, so it’s fit for any type of organisation that requires their physical assets to be tracked and traced.

Take a warehouse, for example. With our built-in asset catalogue, the asset tree, you can categorise and monitor your assets and access their precise location. Not only does this save time by giving you complete visibility of your assets and where they need to be, but it also gives you instant access to your inventory and lets you manage it more efficiently. Why not take it further and incorporate the stock replenishment feature? You can set minimum and maximum stock alerts on specific assets to make sure they never fall below a certain threshold. That way, you can guarantee your inventory will always keep up with your demands, ensuring you hit your targets. And the best part? Once the alerts are configured, that’s it… the entire process is automated!

Learn more about the features of Pro-Cloud and see for yourself why it’s the best solution for warehouse management by clicking here.

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Now, Pro-Cloud isn’t just limited to asset management. We also offer Pro-Cloud Fleet which is a programme designed to track and monitor fleet vehicles.

With this software, you can visualise and track the specific location and route of any vehicle you have registered. By using this module of our equipment management software, you can plot and oversee route logistics, maximising the efficiency of your fleet. This doesn’t just help you, but the image you project for your patrons as well. You can also maximise efficiency thanks to the software being able to monitor a vehicle’s status through telematic trackers. This means you’d have automatic regular updates about when a vehicle needs servicing, or is reaching the end of its lease, so you won’t waste time going through each vehicle’s records. Furthermore, this oversight extends to driver activity. You can monitor factors such as whether the driver complies with local speed limits or follows any optimised routes, granting you full visibility and therefore enabling more hands-on management for maximum efficiency.

Another industry where Pro-Cloud works best is media organization’s.

For instance, our software and hardware packages, like the one currently being used by the BBC, integrate market-leading RFID Technology So, you can rest assured that your assets will be scanned and catalogued quickly enough to maintain your archives and keep up with your busy schedule. Taking this further, the hardware we provide, courtesy of our partner Zebra Technologies, is robust and built to suit any environment. Your work can take you anywhere and so Zebra hardware, with its enhanced connectivity capabilities, equipped with our Pro-Cloud asset management software is a sure-fire way to guarantee you can stay on top of things.

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Not convinced? The BBC’s Archive Department have been using the Pro-Cloud solution since 2018. Read their case study to find out more.

Being able to work on-the-go is a necessity for the majority of organisations nowadays, which is why the Pro-Cloud system can be used via mobile with ease.

If mobile working sounds appealing, then our asset management app, is definitely what you’re after. Accessibility is important for any organisation, so the interface is mapped out to be fully responsive and as user-friendly as possible. The app essentially functions as a portal between you and the Pro-Cloud dashboard so you can access it anytime, anywhere. Not to mention the app is available on both iOS and Android meaning that anyone can install it and use it to carry out their work.

To that end, Pro-Cloud is a solution that can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s asset tracking, equipment order automation, or on the go working, Pro-Cloud can fit any set of requirements. If you want to modernise your organisation and maximise your efficiencies, then Automate Everything with Pro-Cloud!

So, should your organisation adopt Pro-Cloud? The answer is yes.

Already thinking about using Pro-Cloud as your asset management solution? Check out our 5 tips on how you should prepare!

For more information about how Pro-Cloud could benefit your organisation, contact our Business Development Team on 0800 652 0488 or email



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