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It’s important now more than ever to consider our impact on the environment and think about the steps we can take to be more Green, and the first step is to reduce wastage by going paperless. So, for Recycling Week, we’re going to explore the benefits and importance of a paperless system.

Firstly, how do you go paperless?

There are several strategies that get you to the halfway point, but the best way to go paperless is by using Pro-Cloud to completely automate and digitize your asset management.

Going paperless with Pro-Cloud

Going paperless with Pro-Cloud has several advantages from the outset.

Firstly, it saves storage by digitizing your asset management – reducing your paper wastage and removing the need for large, cumbersome filing systems.

Secondly, it helps you maximise efficiency by eliminating the time taken to rummage through stacks of paperwork (not to mention what it can save you on printing costs). By automating everything and having your records and processes digitized, you can take that first major step in going Green.

An example of this is shown in the infographic below. As you can see there have been 2,472,379 service and maintenance tasks completed to assets registered in the Pro-Cloud solution since January 2022.

Pro-cloud stats

This figure alone has significantly reduced paper usage across all our contracts and shows the impact that can be made not only by monitoring the outcomes and accessing the history of these records with the click of a button, but also shows the redundancy of paper working and how using Pro-Cloud does reduce the carbon footprint for every organization that signs up.

Additionally, the Pro-Cloud system helps you increase reusability. It does this by providing you with complete visibility meaning you can monitor your assets more accurately. This enables you to keep track of an asset’s status, so you know when, and if, they need to be replaced. Not only does this eliminate needless wastage but it also extends the lifecycle of your assets.

You can reduce stock wastage even further by making use of our Purchase Order Processing module. This transforms your system so the stock coming in and coming out is more well-regulated, meaning you can make better purchasing decisions while still maintaining a regular pattern of movement and distribution for your inventory. Pro-Cloud therefore aids you in recycling your assets.

Overall, the Pro-Cloud system enables you to become more environmentally friendly by eliminating needless wastage and making your asset management records paperless. And with our impact on the environment and the need to reach net zero mattering more than ever before, automating your asset management processes is a step in the right direction.

This is achievable with Pro-Cloud.

For more information about how Pro-Cloud could benefit your organisation, contact our business development team:

T: 0800 652 0488 or E: enquiries@csseurope.co.uk

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