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5 Reasons Why Software Testing is Important

In the modern world almost everything is dependent on software so it’s important that the programmes we use day-to-day stand up to scrutiny and are robust enough to deliver good results. This is where software testing comes in. Software testing is an important part of the software development process and so today we’re going to run through 5 reasons why software testing is so important.

  1.  Cost Effectiveness

Without testing, the release date for a new software program or an update to an existing system could be delayed constantly to account for the development team patching bugs. This will drain costs and overstretch the team if it continues for too long. This is why development teams should have their software tested constantly to avoid this crunch time and get the product out as soon as it is at an acceptable standard.

   2.  Ensure Usability and Accessibility

Software testing gives us the opportunity to make sure everything is running smoothly, and that any possible situation is accounted for, so the software offers users an accessible, user-friendly experience. This is why software testing is important – because it ensures the product is the best it can possibly be.

   3.  Testing Performance through Quality Assurance

If software goes out into the market without being thoroughly tested throughout the development process, then that could be disastrous for both the developer and the client base. That’s why it is crucial for software to be tested in a variety of ways from beginning to end to make sure that it is performing well and is strong enough to be on the market. This rigorous testing is known as Quality Assurance and it works to improve every possible aspect of the software.

   4.  Constant Improvement with Agile Methodology

By employing a model of software development that is known as Agile Methodology, it is easier to add new features as the process carries on. This is because these new features can be tried out and tested as they are being implemented which means there are opportunities for troubleshooting and improvement at every possible stage.

 5.  Manage Risks and Security

Software testing helps you spot bugs and glitches early so the security becomes more robust and the system can’t be compromised by an easily identifiable flaw. Taking this a step further, it also helps with overall quality control. It’s extremely important to make sure the software is reliable and secure since this guarantees higher quality as well as customer satisfaction.


These are just a few reasons why software testing is crucial for any development team as it streamlines the rollout process and leads to a stronger final product.

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