What is Telematics?

fleet of trucks and a map route

From a one-man band making his rounds around a single city to a fleet of drivers travelling the length and breadth of the country. Your business has the ability to adopt telematics.

What is Telematics?

Telematics is the simple solution that can tell you where your van, car or lorry is at any time of the day.

Born from telecommunication and informatics telematics reports GPS data and a multitude of information back to control. With this information you can make decisions to benefit your company.

What kind of information can I collect?

phone gps map

  • Driving Patterns
  • Location
  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Acceleration
  • Distance
  • Mileage
  • Idling

This information allows you get to know your drivers and how they manage the vehicles you have provided. Find out who drives over the speed limit or breaks too harshly, even who your best driver is.

What can I do with the information I have collected?

  • Manage your drivers
  • Maintain your fleet
  • Improve your operations


Once you’ve identified your driver habits you’ll be able to manage them more directly. Perhaps re-training is in order or maybe the fact that their driving is being monitored will encourage them to take less risks and adhere to speed limits. Driver of the month could get a bonus or some kind of recognition, boosting morale and light competitiveness amongst the team.

Your Fleet

The change in your drivers habits will have a knock on effect in your fleet vehicles. Less speeding and braking prolongs the life of your vehicle letting you get more use out of it before servicing and maintenance is due. Alerts can be set up for when it’s done enough miles or is due to be replaced keeping you ahead of the game. The more use you can get from your vehicles the more it benefits costs in your operations.

Your Operations 

Having complete visibility of your fleet on the move allows you to make decisions on demand pro-actively. Such as routing more efficiently in order to reduce CO2 emissions and travel time. Geo-fencing, setting up perimeters, can alert you to unauthorised activity. In turn it’s a great safety feature for both the driver and the vehicle which insurance companies look greatly on when considering premiums.

With all the benefits available for your drivers, fleet and base of operations telematics is the perfect choice to complement your asset management solution.

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