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New Pro-Cloud Ambulance Customer Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce that South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) has awarded CSS and the Pro-Cloud Ambulance solution as their preferred stock management supplier across their operation.

south central ambulance service

SCAS will be using Pro-Cloud Ambulance for their consumables, stock transfer and user management plus their purchase order processing requirements. One of the advanced modules they have signed up for is our automated stock replenishment feature which will transform the way their staff works by taking the manual processes out of stock replenishment. This feature will enable the SCAS team to configure Pro-Cloud to their minimum and maximum stock requirements, enabling the system to automatically request new stock when levels reach these thresholds.

The management team recently visited our On-Boarding Team for a kick-off project meeting that brought both parties together to discuss the project plan going forward. The batch consumable items used throughout the service will be the initial focus, implementing a comprehensive barcode labelling operation that tracks stock-taking and consumable moves, ensuring the system works seamlessly across every station.

We are excited to see the benefits that will transpire for SCAS over the coming months and look forward to another ambulance service successfully using our ambulance management solution.

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