5 Ways Pro-Cloud Improves Patient Care

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Considering so many community services, ambulance services, and healthcare providers use our MHRA-compliant asset management software for healthcare – it’s clear that Pro-Cloud is a proven system that continually benefits this industry. It’s evident that Pro-Cloud is the ultimate solution for healthcare inventory management and healthcare asset tracking, but implementing our software has benefits beyond that!

So, we’re going to run through 5 ways the use of our Pro-Cloud system improves the quality of patient care.

  1. Full Visibility

    Pro-Cloud grants you full visibility of your equipment, consumables, medicines, and PPE. this includes their location, product information, and movement activity. With this amount of oversight and auditing, you can keep track of stock levels and important use-by dates for consumables and medicines, meaning you can always be left assured that your patients will receive the best level of care.

  2. Equipment Tracking

    Our solution has a stock replenishment feature that allows you to maintain your healthcare inventory levels without worrying about stock levels falling below a certain threshold meaning you can continue to support your patients and their needs, whilst saving time by eliminating manual re-stocking processes. This can be done by configuring minimum and maximum stock requirements, which triggers the system when levels reach their threshold.

  3. On-the-go Mobile Working

    Our secure mobile app brings real-time visibility of your entire workforce and job schedules. Working on-the-go is fundamental to healthcare services across the UK as it saves time, eliminates the use of paper, and ensures patient records are updated for immediate resolutions if required.

  4. Automate Everything

    One of the underlying benefits of Pro-Cloud across the board is how it helps you go paperless and automate everything. With your daily processes streamlined, that leaves more time for you and your workers to spend with patients, giving them that extra level of attention and care.

  5. Simplified Servicing & Maintenance

    By using our tasks and servicing module you will be able to automate scheduled maintenance for all healthcare equipment and process ad hoc tests within moments. Specific tasks and tests can be allocated to an asset, which helps you maintain your inventory’s quality as well as its longevity. Ensuring equipment is maintained correctly, eliminates faulty equipment being issued to patients and assists in maintaining healthcare services.


You should now have a good understanding of how our Pro-Cloud asset management software for healthcare can improve the quality of patient care throughout your organisation.

Want to learn more about how Pro-Cloud can benefit your organisation? Visit our website: www.pro-cloud.org or book a software demo with us by contacting our Business Development Team on 0800 652 0488 or email enquiries@csseurope.co.uk

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