How can telematics help your fleet?

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With technology ever evolving and becoming more relied on it’s essential to keep up with current trends. In particular telematics and how such a subject can really make a difference to how your business operates.

Telematics refers to any device which merges telecommunications and informatics and is a must for businesses that rely heavily on their fleet of vehicles.

When utilising telematics locations can be monitored, routes can be tracked and mileage can be monitored. To stay on top of their game, fleet managers must keep up and ensure they are extracting results from such technology. Gaining key data such as knowing where their fleets are at all times, if their workforce are completing jobs on time, and if there is any room for increased efficiencies is invaluable. Extracting data will mean routes can be scheduled more effectively, driving down costs and improving environmental footprint. Collating telematics data over a period of time will also enable for detail analytics, enabling organisations to make tailored decisions toward future fleet strategies.

Pro-Cloud is a solution that automates all business processes and centralises data in one simple to use interface. Fleet management is an integral part of Pro-Cloud, bringing instant visualisation to owned, leased or hired fleets. Telematics is a predominant element and links directly with Pro-Cloud’s routing, scheduling and establishment systems, so you can not only monitor adherence to schedules but can also view if recommended routes are not being followed.

Be a cut above the rest and start using telematics across your business, bringing your fleet management to a whole new level.
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