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Maximise your fleet efficiencies and reduce costs across your Ambulance Service

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The Pro-Cloud Fleet solution can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with the Pro-Cloud asset management solution. When used together, ambulances and assets are seamlessly integrated into one platform to ensure trusts can manage, track, and maintain every part of their service without the need for multiple integrations.

The core Fleet modules include:

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Fleet Management

Pro-Cloud Fleet gives you a complete visualisation of your fleet estate. Using the DVLA API lookup, you can easily download accurate information at the point of registration. Key information such as MOT, Road Tax, Insurance, and Lease details can be recorded to facilitate future renewals. The ambulance replacement plan is aided by the calculation and storage of the replacement year, which helps in Capital and Forecast Expenditure planning.

Fleet Maintenance

Set maintenance patterns for your fleet by recording inspection and service start dates. The Service Schedule dashboard will help you monitor when an inspection or a service is due and provide future dates per calendar year for consistent maintenance plan management. Stations will have visibility of when an ambulance is due for maintenance, therefore enabling appropriate arrangements for a replacement, or to take the call sign off the run throughout this period. Our electronic maintenance module ensures your service becomes fully paperless with all the checks configured into our mobile app.

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Fleet Accident Management

Our Fleet Accident Management component enables the user to record information at the scene of an accident. The recorded accident can then be taken up by the relevant person responsible and remain open on our fleet system until resolved. In addition to this, our telematics data can assist in investigating the accident.


Want to go beyond Fleet Management and monitor ambulance utilisation and performance? If so, then Telematics can be deployed as a bolt-on to the Fleet Solution. With telematics, day-to-day ambulance data is collected and shared with the end user where driving behaviour is monitored including acceleration, deceleration, travelling speeds, and cornering at speed data. This can be used to review and improve non-compliance to safe driving when not in emergencies as well as when the ambulance is travelling in blue light mode. Telematics data doesn’t only inform you about driving behaviour, but also the ambulance in-operation data such as the GPS location, fuel levels, lights, tyre wear and safety (seat belt in-use) when the ambulance is in motion. The Fleet Telematics dashboard processes all this data into a simple content-based format that can be viewed over any period.

And that's not all... benefit from

Every aspect of your fleet operation is stored in one centralised platform, enabling trends to be realised and decisions to be made within moments

Ambulance faults are realised quicker and can be reacted to immediately, providing replacement ambulances for an undisrupted emergency response service

By using telematics and tracking vehicle activity crew productivity is always kept high

When using fleet management, fleet maintenance and servicing will never be completed late again, / – ensuring the maximum number of operational ambulances are always in action ready for an emergency and reducing waiting times

All accident data is recorded via our mobile app – eliminating the need for paper and ensuring nothing is ever missed

Health and safety is improved and overall vehicle costs are reduced