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Pro-Cloud BlueLight – Providing Fully Audited Fire & Rescue asset management

fire truck toolsPro-Cloud BlueLight is a fire and rescue asset management software solution – providing a fully audited and traceable trail for all assets from cradle to grave. The system can hold a catalogue of your fire and rescue assets with information as detailed as you want it. Our fire and rescue asset management system tracks and traces your equipment with a selection of barcoding solutions. This can range from GS1 barcoding, QR codes, to NFC tags, or even advanced RFID-tagging. This means you have full visibility and control over the history and movement of your assets, allowing you to monitor them over the course of their entire lifecycle. This won’t just streamline your operations, but it will also give you that extra level of security and traceability to ensure your service keeps operating at its maximum potential. One of our clients, North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service can attest to this. As seen in their testimonial, BlueLight “has already had a massive impact through accurate catalogue data, stores management, control of external testing & operational lifespans of equipment in the field”

On top of this, our system’s Workshop module allows you to track the history of maintenance and repairs for assets in your catalogue. If there is overdue maintenance to be carried out then the system will flag it up, it will create a job that can be assigned to any user, and they will be notified through the mobile app. This process gives you full visibility of your assets’ longevity and quality and lets you do so in real-time since all the data is streamed back to the management interface.

Similar to the Workshop module, our Task and Testing Board provides real-time monitoring of whether fire assets are test compliant. However, what sets this apart is how you can link digital questionnaires to specific tests and tasks which gives you greater control over the quality and longevity of your fire and rescue inventory.

open fire applianceWe prioritise accessibility and functionality which is why our BlueLight software for fire & rescue services incorporates a bolt-on Data Visualisation module. With this, you can spot trends across all aspects of your service, make predictions, and plan procurement decisions accordingly to ensure your fire & rescue service is running efficiently. These reports help you keep track of performance, quality control, and more to ensure your fire and rescue service has a full auditing trail. Additionally, these reports can be exported into a range of different formats including PDF, Word, Excel, or CSV to suit your requirements.

We pride ourselves on delivering a robust and efficient fire and rescue asset management system with a proven capability to meet the demands of your fire and rescue service and our clients can speak to this promise of excellency: “Based on progress to date, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend another FRS to invite CSS (Europe) to tender for their AMS.”Andrew Hopkinson (County Durham Fire & Rescue Service). These clients have faith in our solution and can attest to its quality, meaning Pro-Cloud BlueLight is the best asset management system for fire & rescue services on the market.

If you want to learn more about how our solution has been applied, then check out our testimonials and case studies.

Find out more about how BlueLight can benefit your service. Book a software demo with us by contacting our Business Development Team on 0800 652 0488 or email enquiries@csseurope.co.uk

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