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Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s task and testing board is a component of the system that is heavily relied on by our fire and rescue service contracts. County Durham and Darlington FRS have specifically found this module beneficial to their service and kindly provided us with the following testimonial:

“CDDFRS has found that BlueLight tasks and tests are relatively easy to set up and use as their guides are comprehensive in a step by step approach. 

We have over 35000 assets with over 500 individual tests set at frequency ranging from 1 day to 5 years. We like the fact that you can complete and generate a task on any Android or IOS device. We can monitor results and can get notifications of any task test results. 

Before we had BlueLight if equipment had been swapped i.e. move location, we would spend time and resources to ensure items were placed back in its original location. But now the item can stay in its new location as its history and test stay with it and will now show up in its new location. 

This has been a step forward for us moving from a paper-based system to a digital system. Allowing us to go paper light, freeing up time and resources which are needed for efficient and effective working.”

Neil Storey, Assurance & Assets

County Durham & Darlington FRS

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