Be Digitally Minded

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So you think you’re digitally minded?

Your business is pretty up to speed right?

Bang on the money?

You keep up with all the latest news and trends in your industry. Your SEO has your website right up there on the first page of Google and it’s got all the bells and whistles it needs. Sales are made day after day, year upon year. You have an awesome team behind you social media accounts updating your customers and potential new leads in all you do.

Basically you’re sitting pretty, until you look behind the curtain.

Do your basic processes match the beautiful front of house you’ve created?

Or is it like the great and powerful Wizard of Oz back there. Old school.

These days being digitally minded goes beyond your front of house, even though it is a major contributor to your business. As a working engine every part of your business should be seamless, allowing your business to work for you no matter where you need to collect data.

Being up to date on the exterior but living in the stone-age behind the scenes can work for a time as we all know. However the smallest of spanners thrown in there can cause problems and let you miss out on great opportunities.

Spanner 1

Managing your business by a paper based system? You could be susceptible to fire, flood or theft. Unfortunately with this method you only have one copy (maybe two at a push?) of vital information and they’re one step away from walking out the door or destruction.

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Your information is stored on Excel spreadsheets? While still being digitally minded spreadsheets are easy enough until they become too much to manage. They are open to human error and can only be amended by one person at a time.

How tedious is that?

But let’s be realistic, how likely are you, or members of your team, to go back and read past documents using these archaic methods?

Not very, is my guess. But that’s where the opportunities are found!

In reviewing your past spreadsheets and books you can learn the ebb and flow of your success. In essence you need to be forensic and utilise all the information you’ve gathered over the past few months/years and set yourself up for the future.

Being digitally minded and keeping your systems up-to-date in all parts of your business can only grow your success. Useful and historic information can be available to you at the touch of a button from anywhere you need to view it. Find out what your company does best in winter, spring or summer and keep doing it, make it better. Tap into a new target audience even.

It’s all there at your fingertips with Pro-Cloud and its ability to provide a wide range of reporting dataset variables that can be customised on request. A full management information suite that can be integrated with your accounts and give a detailed view of your financials.

For more information about Pro-Cloud asset management software and digitising your business processes contact us on 0844 879 4531 or email

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