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Asset Management

What kind of market sector or business would benefit from using asset management software? And more importantly, would yours?

The answer to that question is rather simple, yes, they all would.

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Every business and market sector would benefit from having a closer eye kept on their assets. From healthcare to local government or manufacturing to media even warehouse and field service management. Asset management of vital operational equipment is just the core of how tracking and tracing your essential equipment can benefit your business.

For example…

A decking company who own a large warehouse would likely have a significant amount of assets to keep track of from day to day. Materials such as wood, nails and adhesive would all need to be monitored for the jobs they scheduled. This leads to assigning the tools and vehicles workmen would need to carry out the job on-site. All of these assets are instrumental in delivering a quality service and only one piece of the puzzle needs to go missing for a job to be set back or even lost.

In this setting our asset management solution Pro-Cloud would benefit the company by keeping track of all their assets, the pieces of the puzzle. From their base of operations or on the move, continually providing a reliable audit trail that can be presented on request. The solution can set alerts to remind you and your team of when important tools may need maintenance or replacing. This makes sure nothing slips through the cracks and you can always deliver your service. In addition to the core asset management module the company could utilise our purchase order processing module which would allow them to gain control of their buying processes. Materials and other equipment could be purchased without risk of overspending and guesswork in the amount of stock in the warehouse. As the company grows the ease of monitoring significantly larger stock loads and jobs will remain a simple task.


A multi-campus university could be struggling with their annual audits. Accountants and insurance policies may request a list of the assets they possess in order to validate a policy or future claim. Without proof an insurance claim can be rejected and the organisation will have lost money in replacing the asset with something of equal value. Spread across several locations conducting a manual audit of all equipment in the buildings and equipment loaned to students can be an arduous task. With only an outdated spreadsheet on hand to assist in the work this could take the team weeks to complete, possibly even more if items are missing. What a spreadsheet will fail to do is tell them whether the item has simply been moved to a different campus, loaned to a student or stolen.

The effectiveness of our asset management software in this area would allow the university to monitor the location and condition of all the assets they have. By scanning the labels and updating information in real-time to the system they can save on unnecessary paperwork, time and travel to other campuses. Items on loan to students can be tracked and alerts provided for when they need to be recalled. Any loss of assets can easily be identified and relayed to insurance companies for claims to be processed without fuss.

blue charts on paperIn each market sector and business the need for comprehensive tracking and tracing asset management may vary. This is where the additional modules of Pro-Cloud can make all the difference to your company. Pro-Cloud is a modular solution that offers numerous combinations to fit any business in any market sector. This allows cost-savings and clear visibility of your operations to increase control and deliver accurate management information. Our modules include Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Mobile Workforce, Route Optimisation and Logistics, Fleet Management, Client Relationship Management, Sales Invoicing and Management Information and Facilities Management. Your needs are taken into account from the very first meeting and the Pro-Cloud solution works to integrate with your existing systems to help your business run as smooth as possible.


  • Improves asset management and tracking
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Accurately collects data
  • Uses on-the-go anytime and anywhere mobile working
  • Improves stock control
  • Produces efficient route planning
  • Optimises preventative maintenance
  • Extends asset lifecycle
  • Allows real time visibility of business operations
  • Reduces costs across your inventory 

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