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Tracking Ambulance Equipment by Using an Online Inventory Management System

A lot of ambulance services in the UK are digitizing their equipment and consumable management processes in order to meet the technological demands of the NHS Long Term Plan. The Pro-Cloud Ambulance solution is the ultimate inventory management software platform for ambulance services, ensuring the seamless digitizing of vital tasks such as inventory checks and stock takes are completed in the most efficient way possible.

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At its core, Pro-Cloud Ambulance is an MHRA-compliant software solution designed specifically for asset management and tracking for UK-based ambulance services. By registering assets, batch items, medicines, and consumables in the system’s catalogue you will have complete visibility of your inventory, ensuring the whole lifecycle of specific assets can be fully tracked and audited. This solution centralizes everything, consolidating other activities such as scheduled servicing/ad hoc maintenance jobs, meaning you can access all information in one place, which provides improved oversight of your entire operation. Furthermore, with a wide range of labelling solutions available, Pro-Cloud can be configured to suit the specific asset barcoding needs of your ambulance service. The solution also incorporates market-leading RFID technology which allows for instantaneous RFID tag readings within a considerable distance, making Pro-Cloud Ambulance the ideal solution for tracking and monitoring your equipment.

pro-cloud amb iconAdditionally, the solution comes with the RFID ready-to-go app which is a vital tool for digitizing ambulance inventory checks. Once the doors of the ambulance are closed, the fixed RFID reader and antennas installed in the vehicle automatically scan the contents of the ambulance within seconds and flags up any missing equipment or unexpected items on board meaning you can have total oversight of crucial lifesaving equipment. To surmise, the Pro-Cloud Ambulance software presents a comprehensive cloud-based solution for managing ambulance equipment as well as providing a breakdown of any missing or faulty equipment.

front of emergency ambulancePro-Cloud Ambulance has been configured to work seamlessly with UK Ambulance Services for managing and tracking vital equipment crucial to their daily processes. Furthermore, the implementation of a cloud-based asset management solution can help ambulance services modernise their processes and maximise their efficiencies.


For more information about how Pro-Cloud Ambulance could benefit your service read the dedicated brochure or contact our Business Development Team on 0800 652 0488 or email
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