Pro-Cloud Ambulance Mobile Application

Manage your inventory and activities on the go

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Goods Receipt (Goods In)

Move Inventory

Fault Report

Inventory Management

Stock Take

Stock Transfer

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Medicine Administration Capture

Asset Exchange

Messaging (Field Service Notifications Receipt)

Assigned Jobs Menu (My Jobs)

On-the-go mobile working by using the Pro-Cloud mobile application comes as standard and means ambulance staff have the Pro-Cloud system at their fingertips. They are notified of their activities, can mark tasks as complete and are alerted of important information resulting in an anytime, anywhere working solution.

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And that's not all... benefit from

The elimination of paper working

Increased productivity through speedy activity assignment and a simplified way of working

Improved management control through at-a-glance mobile working

On-the-go mobile working, reducing human error as activity updates can be made anytime, anywhere