Ambulance Workshop Monitoring

Closely manage and control vital equipment repairs and refurbishments

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Workshop job scheduling

Link Purchase Orders to a Workshop Job for the cost of parts (requires Purchasing Module)



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The workshop monitoring module is where key activities take place enabling close management and control of equipment repairs, refurbishments, and modifications. Create a workshop job at any stage of the asset management process and assign the appropriate person for the chosen activity.

Every step of the process can be viewed on the Pro-Cloud Ambulance dashboard including but not limited to job allocation, awaiting sign off, and job completion.

Access historic data and evaluate workshop trends

All costs and parts associated with an activity are fully traceable against the asset records, allowing management to report on repair, refurbishment, or modification costs, and spot failure trends.

And that's not all... benefit from

Keep productivity high through an easy to view job scheduling interface

Make strategic monetary decisions based on workshop activities

Keep a full audit trail of workshop activities to identify repair patterns and to spot failure trends

Ensure critical equipment has minimal time out of action